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Pokemon Special – January Box!

Ring in the New Year with our FIRST EVER anime-themed box! We don’t normally do themed boxes because it’s quite difficult to procure snacks of certain themes and usually very limited, but we wanted to kick off the New Years with something awesome. Thankfully, our hard working team managed to make this happen! We decided to choose Pokemon to be the theme of our first box in January, because who doesn’t love Pokemon?!


Pokemon Moncolle

Say hello the our special item of the month! Original Pokemon collectibles were included in this month’s box to guard your yummy treats. Up to 12 different Pokemons you could receive. Which one did you get? ^__^ Hopefully you got the one you wanted!


Youkai Watch Omikuji Seal Snack

We’d like to share with you a delicious Youkai Watch snack that is sure to get you drooling! Yo-Kai (Youkai) is specter, Omikuji is a paper fortune, and Seal means sticker in Japanese. The packaging features a large sticker seal, featuring famous characters from the series. This delicious Japanese corn snacks taste extremely light and crispy with a delightful curry flavor. To add to the fun, this snack comes includes a sticker with fortune. What will your fortune tell you?


Pokemon Wafers

From Lotte comes this X & Y edition of their Pokémon chocolate wafers. An awesome milk chocolate filled wafer in an even more awesome Pokemon pack! Each pack contains one of 58 official collectible Pokemon Stickers. Which Pokemon did you get??



Melt in Your Mouth, Winter Premium Pocky

Creamy, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate Pocky seems perfect to enjoy during the winter! With Pocky’s signature no-mess “handle,” each stick of Milk Chocolate Pocky allows you to experience sweet, velvety chocolate and a satisfying cookie crunch. Definitely a crowd-pleaser!


Tyrant Habanero: Who Came Back!

The name Tyrant Habanero refers to the habanero pepper, which is one of the world’s hottest chili peppers. Having that said, these potato-based salted snack rings are flavored with red powder that gets hotter and hotter as you tunnel to the bottom of the bag. Could you finish the whole bag on your own? ^__^


Pokemon Ramune 5 Pack

This Pokemon Ramune 5-Pack Fizzy Candy from Lotte comes with 5 different flavors (Pineapple, Melon, Cola, Soda, and Grape). Each tablet is round, sweet and tasty, place in your mouth and the candy will slowly start to fizzle. Why not try eating a handful of different flavors at once to see what mysterious flavor you end up with!


Chocolate Ball Peanut

These choco balls are a delicious chocolate coated ball fused with peanuts that has enjoyed a long history in Japan. First created by the Morinaga company in 1967, this is a snack enjoyed by old, young, men and women alike. Who doesn’t love light, crunchy chocolate snacks that you can pop easily into your mouth?


Fuku Fuku Tai Chocolate

This is an unique snack made by Meito which consists of a monaka wafer on the outside and creamy chocolate on the inside. This taiyaki shaped wafer snack has a satisfying crunch when bitten into. You might not want to share these with anyone else! 🙂


Pokemon Chewing Candy

These Pokemon chewy candies will leave your mouth watering from the sweet pineapple flavor. Inside each pack you’ll find 5 pieces of tropical pineapple flavored candy. Each package comes with a Pokemon battlecard that has a symbol in the top corner for Scissors or Rock so that you can battle with your friends. How fun is that!


Youkai Watch Soft-served Ice Cream

Enjoy an accurate vanilla ice cream tasting coating from these corn puff curls. If you are a Youkai Watch fan, these addicting snacks are definitely a must-try! Be careful not to eat them all in one sitting though! 😀


Amazake – High Quality Sweet Sake

Amazake (甘酒) is a traditional sweet Japanese drink made from fermented rice. This drink is usually enjoyed warm, and we think you’ll love it that way too! Perfect to have during any holiday celebration!


Oekaki Kyanland Candy

Premium boxes received a DIY kit called Oekaki Kyanland Candy! This fun and yummy DIY Candy Kit allows you to create different adorable animal shapes from molds. Not only that, you can also get creative and apply edible paint to them using a spatula. We’re absolutely sure you’ll have fun making it as much as eating it!


Neru Neru Nerune Soda Flavor

This special DIY candy kit has been popular in Japan for over 30 years! Wow, can you believe that! Enjoy making this soda flavored candy and start your crazy and fun Japanese candy adventure!


Pokemon Sticker Matching Chewing Gum

Yet another awesome Pokemon treat! Large piece of chewing gum in the vibrant and sweet flavor of cola. The wrappings have a special collection game where you can solve a puzzle with the monster seals you receive. Start your Pokemon adventure now!

We hope you loved our first ever Pokemon themed box! Let us know what you think and whether or not we should do more themed boxes in the future! Also, don’t forget to check out our December Box! 😀

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