YumeTwins | September Unboxing

07 October 2016 by Vanessa

September is often a month of big changes – whether is it to start a new school year or a new semester or to start a new job. Even for people who are just to picking up where they left off after a summer break, it is a transition month. With all that in mind, we decided that in September, we want to deliver kawaii goods that are super cutebut also very practical in your every day life!

Shinada Palm Size Plushie
These adorable plushies fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Small enough to carry it around and show off to your friends. Just a glance at these cute plushies on a bad day will wash your worries away. Like with other Shinada plushies, these palm size plushies are just as soft and cuddly as they are cute!

Shinada Fruit Colored Baby Nature Plushie

Japanese plushie maker Shinada’s popular Baby Nature franchise have added new fruit colored plushies to their lineup. The bright fruit colors an element of pop to the already “kawaii”and cuddable plushies. Which color plushie did you get?

Sanrio Bath Bombs

Treat yourself to some quality TLC time in the bath with these bath bombs. Popular Japanese toy maker Sanrio has created these cute bath bombs in the shape of some of their best selling characters. Which one did you get? All bath bombs come with a mini-figure in the package. Lucky winners get gold colored mini-figure in theirs!

Little Twin Stars Post-it

Everyone has use for post-its. This month, we’ve put in the Little Twin Stars post-it in your box. These cute post-its will be perfect for your desk at work or to use at school.

Peko-chan Mini Towel

Japanese confectionery maker Fujiya’s iconic mascot character Peko chan makes an appearance in this month’s box. These Peko chan towels are small enough to travel with or use them at your house.   

Little Twin Stars Oil Blotting Sheets

Found in most Japanese female’s makeup bags all year round, oil blotting sheets are must-have items in the summer. Since it’s still quite hot in many places in September, we think you’ll get a lot of use out of these oil blotting sheets. The eye-catching cute Little Twin Stars package will have all your friends talking!

Doraemon Mini-figure

One of Japan’s oldest and most beloved cat character Doraemon has found it’s way into your box. This month’s Doraemon figures are super rare collectors’ items and are little different from the usual Doraemon figures. These mini-figures also come with a mini-picture book and a piece of gum.

Neko Atsume Cup

Take your Neko Atsumo Cup wherever you go! These cute cups are made with break-proof material, melamine, so unlike regular glass cups, they are completely stress free! Just please remember, melamine cups are not meant to be used in microwave ovens!

Mystery TokyoTreat Item

By now, you’ve probably found a Japanese snack inside your September box and wondering what it’s doing there. To celebrate the success of your YumeTwins box, and say thanks to our subscribers, we’ve decided to gift you guys with a special snack from our other curation box TokyoTreat. Did you enjoy the present we put in your box?

What's your favorite item from September's box? What mystery TokyoTreat snack did you get??

Let us know in the comments below!

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