Top Snacks For Summer In Japan!

26 July 2019 by Ish

It's not a secret that summer in Japan is absolutely humid! It is so bad that you will feel sticky, out of breath, and HOT! But this is the perfect time to whip out some yummy snacks to cool you down. There are so many varieties of ice creams available and chill drinks! Also, visit Japanese festivals to try the delicious food they've got for you that's perfect for Japan's summer.

Here are our top picks of yummy snacks to get you through the hot weather!

1. Kakigori

During this time, Kakigori (かき氷), or more popularly known as shaved ice, is very refreshing! Finely shaved ice mixed with a sweetner often condensed milk and topped with a variety of yummy syrups is a must try! Flavors can range from strawberry, melon, watermelon, mango and many more! You can find them just about anywhere in Japan!

2. Wataame

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? Wataame (わたあめ), also known as cotton candy, is as yummy as always! You can never get tired of too much sugar, especially when it looks like light, fluffy clouds! In Japan, you can find cotton candy at almost all the summer festivals, and even some stores! Visit Totti Candy Factory in Harajuku, Shibuya to try the most well-known cotton candy in Japan! It is made in a spiral of different flavours layered on one another! During festivals or road-stores you can find cotton candy inside a closed plastic bag with cool cartoon designs on it for you and your family to enjoy! The best part is getting heaps of cotton candy everywhere at a very reasonable price! 

3. Ramune

Ramune (ラムネ) is a type of carbonated soft drink! It is sweet and very refreshing! There are at least 47 different, unique flavors to select from such as banana, strawberry, kiwi, kimchi, green tea, cherry, champagne and many more! However, what makes this drink so unique is the bottle itself! It is a fun way to open (there is a marble which seals the lid tight to avoid any leaks) and gulp your carbonated drink in Japan! 

4. Kara-Age 

Kara-Age is a term which commonly refers to deep-fried chicken. Convenience store in Japan are a great place to find some yummy kara-age! Each convenience store has a unique, delicious recipe as to how they make their fried chicken, making sure they’re all just as delicious! Flavours range from cheese to spicy green onion and miso! Kara-age is a well-known snack that you have to try for its crunchy, juicy chicken!

5. Otsumami & Kakidane

Otsumami (おつまみ) and Kakidane are Japanese rice crackers! They are crunchy, light and very delicious! Kakidane is the more popular pick among kids and adults! Both go perfectly with some alcohol, mainly beer and sake (Japanese rice wine). They make great appetizers and can easily be found in any convenience store! You can find a variety of shapes, flavours and textures! So, feel free to pick according to your taste and enjoy it during summer! 

6. Suika (Japanese Watermelon)

Suika (すいか) is the Japanese word for watermelon, and it's perhaps one of the most iconic and well known of popular Japanese Summertime snacks outside of kakigori! If you watch any Japanese anime or manga then you may have seen your favourite characters snacking on some watermelon outside their homes or at festivals. Sometimes this snack is eaten with a pinch of salt too as it's said to enhance the flavour of the fruit. Would you try watermelon with salt?

There we have it! These are our top recommendations for what to snack on in the Summer. What kinds of foods do you tend to eat in the heat where you live? Let us know in the comments down below!

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