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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Okinawa Beach: Best Places to Visit!

The Okinawa Beach: Best Places to Visit!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
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June 20, 2023
A bird's eye view of an Okinawa Japan beach.

The Okinawa beach is a popular summer destination, and it’s best known for its beaches with crystal clear water and white sand. Over 100 incredible beaches are on Okinawa’s main island and remote islands.

Okinawa’s beaches range from remote rocky coves to urban beaches with every facility you might need. Whether you’re a surfer, swimmer, or sunbather, you can find the perfect stretch of sand. Check out our list for ideas on the best places to visit for a dose of sand and sea!

Manza Beach 

Manza Beach is in front of ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort, one of the best beach resorts in Okinawa. But visitors can also use the beach freely. There’s a 300-meter stretch of sand where you can lay your towel before going for a dip in the water. 

Manza Beach in Okinawa.
Manza Beach has an amazing coral reef! Image via Shutterstock

Many fun activities here include snorkeling, surfing, and diving. So it’s no surprise that people come from all across the island to get a taste of this fabulous beach. Moreover, plenty of restaurants and shops if you need a break from the sun. The friendly locals will make you feel welcome in this beautiful corner of Japan!

Furuzamami Beach

This little piece of paradise is the perfect spot for an afternoon of recharging and exploring the gorgeous coral reefs. It’s a beautiful stretch of white sand facing the blue waters of the East China Sea.

An Okinawa beach called Furuzamami. It has clear blue waters and blue skies.
Furuzamami beach has plenty of tropical fish to enjoy! Image via Shutterstock

The fish life and coral specifically make it a snorkeler’s paradise. Additionally, you can rent snorkeling equipment and everything from beach towels to kayaks. You can swim in some areas, but others are off-limits because of coral conservation. 

While Furuzamami Beach isn’t near anything urban, you won’t find any of its amenities lacking. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the views of clear blue waters with other islands in the distance!

Emerald Beach

The Emerald Beach got its name from its vibrant waters, which are crystal-clear with a greenish color. There’s more to this Japanese beach than just its striking waters, though. It sits within Okinawa’s Ocean Expo Park, which has a botanical garden, aquarium, and cultural exhibits.

Not to mention, the beach has three different zones. One is for relaxing, the second for swimming and water-based activities, and the third offers plenty of sightseeing. You can also rent umbrellas, chairs, and life vests at shops, many of which are within walking distance of the beach. 

Emerald Beach is especially perfect for active families. While the kids entertain themselves with endless beach activities, parents can head to the sunbathing section to relax.

Miibaru Beach

Miibaru is one of the finest beaches on the island of Okinawa itself. It’s one of the well-kept hidden beaches surrounded by beautiful nature and less touristy. Furthermore, this little hidden gem features clear water and a relaxing atmosphere.

Miibaru Beach in Okinawa.
Miibaru Beach offers glass-bottom boat tours! Image via Shutterstock

Are you looking to enjoy the crystal-clear blue water and abundant marine life without getting wet? Miibaru Beach is among the few places to ride on a glass-bottom boat. The waters off the beach here are shallow and protected by coral reefs. This area makes for perfect snorkeling. When you’re tired after all the fun activities, sit back and enjoy the scenery with rock formations.

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Okuma Beach

On Okinawa, many beaches are perfect for a fun day, but Okuma is one you won’t miss. Okuma Beach is located within the beach resort, JAL Private Resort Okuma. Not to mention, the beach with natural white sand stretches for about one kilometer and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

Okuma Beach in Okinawa
Okuma Beach has wonderful views of the East China Sea. Image via Shutterstock

Beyond the lodging, camping, and golfing, Okuma Beach is known for its excellent water activities, perfect for a family getaway. Try your hand at jet-skiing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. 

If you want to stay in the area, several campgrounds and cottages are nearby. Or you can stop by for a few hours and enjoy what most visitors come to Okuma Beach for, the fantastic snorkeling.

Nishihama Beach

This is one of Okinawa’s show-stoppers! Nishihama Beach might take a bit of extra travel to reach, but it’s well worth the trek. This gorgeous one-kilometer stretch of sandy shores has clear blue skies and shimmering turquoise waters. There are no facilities here so visitors can enjoy the region’s natural scenery.

An overlook at Nishihama Beach.
Nishihama is a secluded beach. Image via Shutterstock

The cobalt-blue waters are remarkably calm, making Nishihama an excellent pick for families with young children or weak swimmers. Besides swimming, snorkeling is also popular at Nishihama Beach, thanks to the coral reefs that lie just off the shore.

Zanpa Beach

Zanpa Beach is on the main island of Okinawa. Surrounded by the towering cliffs of Cape Zanpa, the area is excellent for hiking. It also has spectacular ocean views, and you get a good feeling of being close to nature.

If you want to relax, rent a beach chair on the shore and enjoy the sea breeze. You can rent a kayak or a banana boat ride for those who want some fun. You can also walk to the beach’s end and enjoy incredible views. 

Naminoue Beach

Generally, Naminoue Beach is the only beach in Naha where you can swim. So if you want to refresh yourself after a long day of sightseeing, this is the place to go. This beach is easily accessible by foot from the downtown area and the cruise ship terminal. 

Despite being in a city in Okinawa, the water is clean and clear, with a great sandy beach. If your time is limited, combine the beach with a visit to the picturesque Naminoue Shrine, which sits atop a rocky cliff next to the beach. 

Yonaha Maehama Beach

This seven-kilometer paradise is often considered one of Japan’s finest beaches. With the white sandy beach and the clear ocean, no spot at Yonaha Maehama Beach isn’t stunning! 

Yonaha Maehama, an Okinawa beach with white sandy beaches.
Yonaha Maehama Beach is one of the highlights of Miyako Island. Image via Shutterstock

Its shallow waters are perfect for a fun paddle as the gradual blue ocean takes your breath away. In other words, it’s well worth the flight to Miyako Airport from Naha! Plus, it is one of the only few beaches on the island with lifeguards stationed in the swimming season!

You can’t say Okinawa without making up images of picture-perfect beaches, sandy bays, and gentle waves lapping at the shore. And Okinawa does not disappoint; it’s undoubtedly even better than your wildest dreams!

Okinawa is a paradise of pristine, sugar-soft sands surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise oceans home to multicolored coral reefs. Whatever beach holiday you want, you can undoubtedly find it in the tropical paradise of Okinawa. How did you enjoy the list? Which Okinawa beach would you like to visit most? Let us know in the comments below!

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