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A bunch of Japanese snacks surrounding a subscription snacks.
A bunch of Japanese snacks surrounding a subscription snacks.

The Subscription Box: Best Japanese Snacks to Try!

Savannah WalkerSavannah Walker
Published Time
Posted on February 01, 2024

Hey snack enthusiasts, get ready for a wild ride through the tasty wonderland of Japanese snacks – and the magic happens right at your doorstep! How? Explore why these little bundles of joy steal snack lovers’ hearts worldwide in a subscription box.


A cup of instant ramen noodles.
Instant noodles come in many different flavors. Image via Shutterstock

Let’s start our snacking adventure by diving into Japan’s delightful noodle universe! Ramen, udon, and soba aren’t just tasty strands; they’re the stars of the noodle party, set to delight your taste buds with a symphony of flavors. Close your eyes and imagine the slurping melody – each noodle is a soloist in a tasty performance that will make your palate sing.


Hold on to your taste buds, snack enthusiasts, because our next stop is the vibrant and nostalgic world of dagashi – Japan’s candy wonderland!  It is colorful, chewy, and downright nostalgic.

A plate of multicolored karinto.
Dagashi are affordable Japanese snacks. Image via Shutterstock

These delightful treats are not just colorful and chewy; they’re a journey back in time, a sweet nostalgia trip that subscription boxes bring to your doorstep. Get ready for a ride through the days of giggles and sweet cravings, where each dagashi treat is a tiny burst of joy that’ll make your taste buds dance in sugary delight.

Dagashi, in all its glory, offers a variety that’s as diverse as it is delicious. Let’s delve into the colorful array, starting with the mochi – soft, chewy, and oh-so-satisfying. These little treasures capture the essence of Japanese confectionery, providing a taste experience that’s both comforting and exciting.

A small bowl of Japanese dagashi, one of many snacks.
Dagashi are very affordable. Image via Shutterstock

It’s like biting into a piece of Japan’s rich culinary history. But the fun doesn’t stop there. These candies are delights that turn your snacking routine into a candy carnival. From classics that evoke childhood memories to innovative creations that redefine sweet indulgence, each treat is a star of the show!

Are you interested in enjoying amazing snacks? Check out TokyoTreat! TokyoTreat delivers the best Japanese snacks, drinks, sweets, and noodles straight from Japan to your door so that you can have a fun time at home!


Now, let’s talk about everyone’s crunchy obsession – chips! Forget the plain old stuff; we’re diving into the wild world of Japanese chip awesomeness. First on the chip parade are the flavor superheroes that Japanese cuisine brings. Forget the plain old stuff; we’re talking about wasabi wonders that give your taste buds a spicy kick and seaweed sensations that transport you to the shores of Japan.

A plate of potato chips.
Potato chips come in all shapes and sizes in Japan. Image via Shutterstock

The unique blend of flavors that pay homage to the country’s rich culinary tapestry makes Japanese chips stand out. From soy sauce-infused creations to the umami-packed goodness of miso, each chip is a crunchy exploration of taste that introduces you to the diverse and delicious world of Japanese snacks.


Hold on, because now we’re entering the chewy realm of Japanese gummies! These chewy wonders are like tiny bursts of joy, offering flavors that’ll turn your taste buds into a dance party. What’s so cool about Japanese gummies? Well, imagine gummies shaped like natural fruits, making every chew an adventure in sweetness!

A bag of Japanese gummies.
There are all kinds of gummies to enjoy from Japan! Image via Shutterstock

Some flavors include lemon-infused gummies, which offer a zesty citrus kick! There are also lychee delights that transport you to an orchard in Japan. Overall what sets Japanese gummies apart is their quality and craftsmanship. 


We’re ending our snacking extravaganza with the grand finale – Japanese chocolates! Japanese chocolate makers are like wizards, creating sweet treats that are tiny works of art for your taste buds. From the smooth charm of dark chocolate to the creamy goodness of milk chocolate, each piece will undoubtedly leave you wanting more!

An assortment of Japanese treats.
Japanese chocolate is very rich. Image via Shutterstock

So, what makes Japanese chocolates stand out in the sweet game? It’s all about the fantastic ingredients and incredible flavors. Imagine chocolates with matcha, bringing the taste of Japanese green tea to your mouth, or picture yourself enjoying yuzu chocolates for a tangy, citrusy burst. Each chocolate is like a tiny piece of heaven; subscription boxes ensure you’re the lucky recipient.

Why should I try Japanese snacks from a subscription box?

Why should you dive into the world of Japanese snacks with subscription boxes? Well, it’s not just about snacking; it’s about opening a door to a world of flavors and fun. In other words, these boxes are little passports to Japan’s snack universe, introducing you to tastes and treats you never knew existed. 

There you have it, snack adventurers—a whirlwind tour of the incredible world of Japanese snacks, all thanks to subscription boxes! Grab your subscription box, unwrap the joy, and get ready to snack your way through Japan’s delicious landscape. Have you tried any of these tasty treats? Which one’s your favorite? Share your snacking stories in the comments below, and let’s keep the snack party alive! 

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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

Starting from$32.50 USD
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