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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Ultimate Holiday Season Guide for Japan!

The Ultimate Holiday Season Guide for Japan!

Thalia HarrisThalia Harris
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December 23, 2023
The rainbow Bridge in Odaiba during Christmas in Japan.

Christmas in Japan is one of the most incredible holidays you’ll ever experience, and New Year’s is not too far off! There are fantastic events, beautiful illuminations, and delicious food! Here’s the ultimate guide to exploring Japan and everything you need to know about enjoying the season!

What are the best snacks to enjoy during Christmas in Japan?

When it comes to contemporary Japanese snacks, two popular choices that come to mind are Kit Kat and Pocky. In Japan, Kit Kat is famous for its diverse and unique flavors because its inspirations come from specific regions in the country!

For instance, you can find flavors like Tokyo Island Lemon, Hokkaido Red Bean & Strawberry, and Shizuoka Wasabi, among many others. These unique variations make Kit Kat a fun and exciting snack to explore, offering a taste of different regions of Japan.

A singular salt lemon Kit Kat with a lemon slice on a plate. Kit Kats are very popular during Christmas in Japan.
Kobe Salt Lemon is one of the more unique flavors. Image via Shutterstock

On the other hand, Pocky is a beloved snack consisting of a biscuit stick coated with various flavors. Some classic and popular flavors include Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Matcha Green Tea, and Banana. Pocky is legendary for its crunchy texture and deliciously creamy coatings, making it a favorite among children and adults.

Kit Kat and Pocky are enjoyed in Japan and have gained worldwide popularity. Their wide range of flavors and the fun experience they offer make them a delightful addition to any snack time, whether you’re in Japan or elsewhere.

What fantastic events are there in Japan during the holiday season?

Christmas in Japan is celebrated in a cool and unique way called the Santa Run! People of all ages join in, wearing the classic red and white Santa Claus outfits, running through the streets of different cities! Overall, it’s a warm and welcoming way for the Japanese community to celebrate Christmas, stay healthy, and share the holiday spirit with others.

A winter illumination in Nogizaka near Roppongi Hills, during Christmas in Japan.
Have you ever been to a winter illumination before? Image via Shutterstock

After the run, warm up with hot chocolate and enjoy the festive lights around Tokyo! The whole city transforms into a magical wonderland! It has buildings and trees covered in colorful, twinkling Christmas lights that bring joy to people of all ages! Omotesando, known for its trendy shops, becomes a radiant avenue with intricate light displays that capture the festive spirit perfectly.

Meanwhile, Roppongi, a busy nightlife and entertainment hub, turns into a dazzling wonderland with artistic light installations adding a touch of glamour to the holiday celebrations. It’s a visually stunning and heartwarming way for the Japanese community to unite, embracing the enchantment of the holiday season.

The Lake Kawaguchiko Winter Fireworks.
Lake Kawaguchiko is near Mt. Fuji. Image via Shutterstock

Lastly, there’s the Kawaguchiko Winter Fireworks near Mt. Fuji; you should take advantage of them. They reflect beautifully in the clear lake, making it a must-see. And in Tokyo, winter illuminations add to the city’s festive vibe with super dazzling lights against the skyline. Going to these events is a magical way to celebrate the season, make incredible memories, and feel the holiday spirit.

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How can I celebrate the New Year in Japan?

You can celebrate the New Year in Japan, people take part in unique traditions and activities. One traditional custom is hatsumode, when many people visit a shrine to pray for a happy and healthy year. Another tradition is to do a big Oosuji cleaning to start the New Year with a clean and fresh slate. People also eat special New Year’s food like Toshikoshi soba, a type of noodle, and ozoni, a soup with rice cakes. It’s also considered lucky to see the first sunrise of the year, known as hatsuhinode.

A shrine during hatsumode.
Hatsumode is the first shrine visit of the New Year. Image via Shutterstock

Families gather together, exchange gifts, and spend time with each other. They also send unique New Year’s cards and play traditional games. New Year’s in Japan is big with many festivals, music, and TV specials. The customs and traditions can differ depending on where you are in Japan and from family to family. These traditions give us a peek into Japanese culture and are a fun way to welcome the New Year!

What kinds of gifts from Japan should I buy?

When choosing gifts from Japan, there are some fantastic options to consider. Check out Daruma dolls, tea sets, and kimonos if you’re into traditional Japanese culture. Daruma dolls are symbols of good luck and not giving up, so they’re pretty special. Tea sets are perfect for anyone into Japanese tea ceremonies, and kimonos are these beautiful traditional robes that make an awesome gift for someone into Japanese fashion and culture.

A shot of black tea in a glass cup, along with a black teapot against a red background.
Black tea is essential to any kind of classic milk tea!

Apart from these traditional items, there are other popular gift ideas from Japan. You could buy food and drink items like yummy snacks, cakes, teas, and spirits. Or you could pick practical stuff like canned goods, pantry stockers, and clothing.

When choosing gifts, it’s essential to think about what the person you’re giving it to likes and also to make sure you’re not picking anything that’s not allowed to be taken out of Japan. You can share some of its awesomeness with your friends and family by choosing gifts that show off the cool things about Japan!

Why should I explore Japan during the holiday season?

You should explore Japan because it offers a unique and vibrant experience, especially during the holiday season. The country’s major holidays, such as the New Year period, provide a rich and culturally immersive atmosphere. 

A Christmas tree at Huis Ten Bosch.
This amazing Christmas tree towers over the whole park. Image via Shutterstock

Not to mention, you can also witness traditional Japanese traditions and festivities, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The New Year season in Japan is a family affair where everyone gets together, exchanges gifts, and partakes in various cultural activities.

While it can be a busy time for travel, with some planning and flexibility, you can still have a wonderful trip during the holiday season! Was this holiday guide helpful? Was there anything we missed about Christmas in Japan? Let us know in the comments below! Happy holidays!

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