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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogKrispy Kreme and Sesame Street team up for an anniversary collection

Krispy Kreme and Sesame Street team up for an anniversary collection

Chris FerdianChris Ferdian
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February 03, 2019
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June 21, 2022

Krispy Kreme is used to treat its Japanese customers with some very nice doughnuts, both in taste and in looks! This time is no exception with its latest collaboration with Sesame Street that is going to hit the shelves this month to celebrate the 50th birthday of the famous TV show!

Take a peak at how the doughnuts will look:

– The Elmo custard doughnut: coated with strawberry chocolate and red sprinkles, it recreates Elmo's fur perfectly! Both eyes and mouth are made with chocolate, while the nose is created thanks to fruit sauce. And in addition to all of this, custard creme fills the inside of the doughnut for a perfect finishing touch.

– The Cookie Monster Doughnut: This doughnut is covered with vanilla and blue sprinkles and -of course- a chocolate chip cookie as a finishing touch in its mouth!

– The Big Bird Pudding doughnut: This doughnut has no filling, but is coated with custard pudding-flavored chocolate and butter crunch sprinkles to give it the perfect Big Bird look! One great detail is the nose, which is made with castella sponge cake!

These doughnuts will be available in boxes of different sizes ( 12, 6 or 3) with their own special designs and will be sold starting from February 20th until mid-April, so make sure to get yours!

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Sources: Nikkei Press Release

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