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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogTokyoTreat | February 2017 Valentine’s Goodies Revealed

TokyoTreat | February 2017 Valentine’s Goodies Revealed

Ratih AntoniaRatih Antonia
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March 04, 2017
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June 21, 2022

February's TokyoTreat theme was Happy Valentine's Day! It was filled with tasty snacks, perfect to be shared with your loved ones or maybe to enjoy it by yourself on the month of love!


Strawberry Chocolate Covered Barley Puffs

Although barley puffs are less commonly found than their rice counterpart, they are still popular in Japan. This time we bring you the strawberry chocolate covered variety which has more health benefits than the typical rice puffs!

Tirol Choco – Strawberry Assortment

Popular bite size chocolate maker Triol has released a variety pack where you can try 3 different types of strawberry chocolates. Which one is your favorite? Is it the strawberry smoothie flavor or the strawberry mille-feuille flavor or the strawberry tea flavored one?

Strawberry Picola

Stick type snacks are always a popular choice because they come in many different flavors and are generally mess-free. Enjoy the combination of the fresh tasting strawberry cream and the light cookie texture of the Picola snack that we put in your box this month!

Peach Gumballs

Coris is always delivering fun snacks to snack lovers and this time is no different! Each bag of these juicy gumballs include one super sour gum. Eat them all if you dare or share with others and have fun seeing who picked the sour piece!

Mini Peach Ramune

Japanese ramune candies come in many different flavors and shapes. In the past we’ve included flavors like cola, cocoa, maple butter beer and soda in our boxes. This month we bring you some juicy peach ramune that come in cute can-like plastic casing. How does the peach ramune compare with the other flavors?

Calbee Kataage Chips – Clam Soup Flavor

Never one to stay away from unique flavors, Calbee has introduced a clam soup flavor to their line of thick sliced chips. Calbee promises that the more you chew, the more flavorful these chips become. What do you think of these unique flavored chips?

Mini Asparagus Biscuits

Asparagus? We bet the name threw you off like it did us but worry not! These tasty biscuits only get the the name from their shape. These asparagus shaped biscuits have black sesame seeds, and also additional calcium and fiber in them giving these snacks a healthy edge.

Strawberry Mousse DIY

Every month, we bring you unique DIY snack but this time we bring you a DIY dessert! Just add warm milk, refrigerate and use the stencil and cocoa powder to complete an adorable looking dessert. Will you make this cute DIY Strawberry Mousse for your special Valentine or will you save it for yourself?  

Calpis Gummy Apple Flavor

Popular cultured milk maker Calpis has released a new gummy in a juicy apple flavor. Enjoy the combination of apple and the trademark Calpis drink flavors in these gummies. The gummies are filled with sweet sauce which adds to the gummy experience!

Harvest Cheese Cracker Sandwich

Popular cracker franchise Harvest brings you a rich cheesy goodness this month. These bite-size cracker sandwich have heavenly mix of cheddar, mozzarella and camembert cheese in the middle to satisfy your cheese craving!

Bourbon Petit Shrimp Crackers

Shrimp crackers are snacks that’s not only popular in Japan but other places in Asia as well. This month, we’re bringing to you the popular snack maker Bourbon’s version of the beloved snack. These bite-size crackers are so tasty you might just lose track of how many you’ve eaten.

AMUSE Japanese Lucky Charm

Because you can never have too much luck, we put in a cute Japanese Lucky Charm in hopes that you will have a good 2017. You’ll find 1 of 6 different designs in your box. Which one did you get?

Pocky Midi Strawberry Fromage

The much loved Pocky appears in your box this month in the Midi variety and in the strawberry fromage flavor. Enjoy these special Pocky that are perfect for yourself or as a sweet Valentine gift to your loved one!

Strawberry Chocolate Lollipops

Enjoy a mess free chocolate experience with these strawberry chocolate lollipops! These cute chocolate lollies are perfect for when you want just a bite of something sweet. Is there any other fruit that pairs perfectly with chocolate like strawberry does?

Strawberry Langue De Chat Cookie

Enjoy these delicious strawberry cookies with your favorite cup of tea for the perfect mid-afternoon snack. Each box contains 18 cookies so there’s enough to share with your friends and families!

Japanese Apple Sparkling Soda

Quench your thirst with this Japanese Apple Sparkling Soda! This refreshing soda uses only domestic apples from Aomori prefecture. And to up the tastiness, they grate the whole fruit and use zeo artificial flavoring. Don’t forget to refrigerate it for the best flavor!

What was your favorite snack from February's box?

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