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30 September 2019 by Melissa

Hey TokyoTreat fam!

Its finally November which means its the time of year when all the delicious new autumn snack flavors are released in Japan!

Each region is known for their specialty dish or flavor so we wanted to bring you on an adventure across Japan to try flavors from various regions around the country! So hop on the Japan Express and discover all the incredible fall treats from across Japan in this months box!

Foods across Japan

Did you know that prefectures and even cities around Japan are known for certain types of foods? Many places have a dish or type of food that is their specialty and when travelling to that area, many people make sure to buy plenty of that specialty. 

Some cities are known for their produce or seafood. For example, if you visit Aoyama, make sure to buy a lot of apples! The apples from Aoyama are absolutely delicious! Other places are known for their cuisine or a specific dish. For example, if you ever visit Osaka you absolutely must try takoyaki (fried dough covered octopus) and okonomiyaki (a pancake-like mixture of cabbage, egg, and meat). For all the ramen lovers out there, the city of Sapporo, in Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan, is famous for excellent ramen! Likewise, matcha lovers should make sure to visit Kyoto, the best place for green tea in Japan! Any oyster lovers out there? You  need to go to Hiroshima, they’re famous for their high quality and very tasty oysters! 

There are so many places around Japan that specialize in certain dishes so next time you plan a trip, check out what food each city specializes in a make sure to try it out!

What’s the best way to travel across Japan?

You must have heard about the Japanese Shinkansen, or bullet train! Its the fastest way to travel across Japan, sometimes even faster than flying! When you think of how long it takes to go all the way to the airport, go through security, wait for you plane etc then you’ll find that taking the train can actually be quite a bit faster, depending on the location of course. 

Many travelers choose to plan a cross country trip using the Shinkansen so they can reduce their travel time. Watch out though because a Shinkansen ticket is not cheap! For example a ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto will be upwards of $120 dollars! This can add up quickly, especially if you want to add multiple cities as stops on your cross country tour. 

That’s where the Japan Rail Pass comes in handy! The JR Pass is a pass of varying durations that lets you ride multiple lines without having to buy a new ticket each time. It also lets you ride those lines as many times as you want before your pass expires! This includes the Shinkansen! Just make sure you are planning multiple trips with the pass to make it worth it because it comes with a hefty price tag. Prices vary from $275 for a 7 day pass to $560 for a 21 day pass. This pass certainly comes in handy when planning a big trip around Japan!

This month's snack box

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