TokyoTreat Reviews Spooky Starbucks Japan Frappuccino

20 October 2021 by Oliver

It’s the spookiest time of the year once again - Halloween! And Japan is not shy when it comes to limited edition sweets and snacks. Never to be outdone are the offerings from Starbucks Japan! This year they are adding plenty of fall flavors to their Halloween drink (and we’re here for it)! 

And who had to try this limited edition drink you might ask? None other than the monthly Japanese candy and snack box TokyoTreat team! We’re always first in line for the hottest Japanese limited edition treats and specials! 

We went to try this Starbucks Japan Frappuccino! We also took a look around at other awesome new Starbucks releases for the Halloween season. Check our review below!

The Frappuccino

Starting on 10/20/2021, you can score the Trick with Treat Frappuccino! What does this mysterious Halloween Frappuccino entail you might ask? The major flavor in this creamy crushed ice drink is Japanese sweet potato. 

Japanese sweet potato is a much loved flavor during the fall season. In cities you’ll find roasted sweet potato sellers who offer hot sweet potatoes, both delicious and perfect for keeping your hands warm. But this drink doesn’t feature just your typical Japanese sweet potato…

Beni imo is a Japanese sweet potato that is considered to be a specialty of Okinawa prefecture. Best known for its beautiful purple color that breaks up the classic reds, oranges and yellows we see during the fall season, its mysterious purple color brings out the Halloween spirit to full blast in this Frappuccino. 

With a sweet potato base, purple sweet potato sauce and whipped cream topping, you can really feel the Halloween spirit though the fall flavors. But the Halloween spirit of the drink doesn’t just finish there. As an additional flavor dimension, you can request Starbucks’ Popping Topping! Adding a popping candy topping adds to the magic of this delicious drink. But it's probably best to not drink it in the library.

Our Thoughts

We give it a solid 8/10. When you first get the drink, the colors are very impressive. But unfortunately the purple and orange colors from the two sides of the drink blend into a brown color, dulling both. The flavor still packs a very autumn punch and the Halloween magic added in thanks to the popping candy topping make it a must try this Halloween season!

If you’ve still got room after your Halloween inspired drink, then some truly spook-tackular donuts will give you the Halloween boost you need. The black donut base is covered in thick purple icing, and finally topped off with popping candy for a topping. 

While we didn’t have room for this one, let us know in the comments if you’ve had a chance to try this Starbucks Japan exclusive!

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The Mugs and Tumblers

Of course Halloween doesn’t have to end on October 31st! Starbucks Japan’s specialty is making super cute and limited edition tumblers and mugs. When you’re enjoying your coffee, give it an added layer of spooky-cuteness! This year, their inspiration was heavily black cat focused, making it a must enjoy for any neko fans!

Being outside of Japan doesn’t mean that you can’t take home your own piece of Starbucks Japan’s Halloween goodness. Take a look on JapanHaul for all your Japan-exclusive Starbucks tumbler and mug needs!

Never Miss Out On Japanese Seasonal Treats!

Japanese snacks with seasonal flair are the best. And while it might be difficult to send you the latest Starbucks Frappuccino without it melting, there are plenty of other awesome seasonal and limited edition Japanese sweets and snacks you can try every month! Head on over to see what tasty Japanese snacks are coming your way this month!

Have you had a chance to try your local Starbucks Halloween special? Comment below what kind of drink your country's stores are selling this year and your thoughts about it! Would you prefer trying the Japanese version instead? 

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