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TokyoTreat | September Unboxed

Vanessa KosasihVanessa Kosasih
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October 08, 2016
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June 21, 2022

Are you familiar with MIRAI SUENAGA? She’s putting up quite a fight against POKEMON! Who do you think will win this round?!


Traditional ramune soda featuring the special illustration of MIRAI SUENAGA on the label. How do you like it?

Tsubumi Aloe White Grape Juice

Japan has been aloe crazy since we learned of it’s many health benefits. You can enjoy both the chewy texture of the aloe chunks and reap the health benefits with this refreshing white grape juice.

MIRAI SUENAGA X TOKYOTREAT Chocolate Covered Crackers

Salty and semi-spicy crackers covered in sweet chocolate –  a collaboration item from TokyoTreat and creator of Mirai Millennium.

Pokemon Chocolate Egg

We know everyone is going Pokemon crazy so we selected yummy chocolate eggs with Pokemon mini-figures to include in this month’s box.


An original collaboration item between TokyoTreat and MIRAI SUENAGA – a succulent and flavorful peach jelly made by Igedatou, perfect for the last hot days of summer!

Pokemon Fruit Jelly

Grape flavored bite size jellies with Pokemon illustrations on the lid. Enjoyable at room temperature but even better when frozen in the freezer or just chilled in the fridge!

Pokemon Monster Collection

These Pokemon Monster Collection mini-figures will be a sure hit among the hippest Pokemon fans. With Pokemon Go taking over the globe, your mini-figure will surely become an object of envy among collectors.

Chip Star –  Savory Shrimp

The light blue packaging and the savory shrimp flavor of these chips by Chip Star will remind you of spending those slow summer day by the ocean.

Pakkucho – Disney character Biscuits

These adorable biscuit snacks are filled with everybody’s favorite – chocolate. With over 100 different Disney illustrations, you are bound to find one of your favorites. Find a heart shaped biscuit and consider yourself lucky!

Sour Plum Pretzel Sticks

Another flavor unique and beloved by Japanese people – sour plum. The perfect marriage of salty and sour, these pretzel sticks will be hard to put down once you start eating them.

Chocolate Umaibo

A popular stick corn puff snacks in Japan, you can often find many different flavors in convenience stores all across the country. Usually found in savory flavors, these chocolate Umaibos are not as common and much sought after. Have you tried the other flavored umaibos?

Japanese Corn Potage Snack

Japan has long been obsessed with Corn Potage. The creamy corn soup is so popular that you can find canned Corn Potage drinks in vending machines in the winter and instant corn potage is a regular fixture at the supermarket. These corn potage corn puffs are a no-brainer and are sure to be popular with everyone.

Kuppy Ramune

As marked on the packages, these ramune candies are free of the listed 7 common allergens – egg, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp and crab. With a mix of orange, strawberry and lemon flavors, these ramune candies are sure to please everyone.

Super Sour Lemon Gum

Not for the faint of heart, these super sour lemon gums pack a punch to your tastebuds. These gums just got a new makeover and are tastier than ever!

Maple Butter Beer Ramune

Popularized globally by Harry Potter, this month we’ve found butterbeer flavored ramune candies for you. In addition to the butterbeer flavor, there’s a slight taste of maple syrup to accent these candies. Are you brave enough to give these unique candies a try?

Moguchuu Strawberry Soft Candy

These soft candies promise to deliver a burst of  fresh Strawberry flavor while maintaining a sense of nostalgia. Do these candies remind you of other candies from when you were younger?

Easy To Make – Soft Candy Ice Cream Bars

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Cute DIY candies that will remind you that it is still hot outside and that there is never a wrong time to enjoy ice cream treats!

Yakisoba Sauce Flavored Corn Puffs

Yakisoba sauce is a truly unique Japanese condiment that everybody loves. This month, we deliver this beloved flavor via corn puffs. The light but crunchy texture perfectly pairs with the rich savory flavor of the yakisoba sauce.

Crazy Cola Bubble Ramune Candy

The ramune candies are back with a vengeance in cola flavor! Pop these bad boys into your mouth and you’ll get an instant science experiment in your mouth.

Mystery YumeTwins Item

To celebrate the success of our new YumeTwins box, we’ve chosen an item at random from the box as a gift  to our TokyoTreat subscribers. Did you like the surprise we left for you?

What was your favorite snack from this month's box?? What mystery YumeTwins item did you get??

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