TokyoTreat vs Amazon: Where to Score Japanese KitKats?

04 August 2021 by Oliver

When you think of iconic Japanese snacks, what comes to mind? Mochi? Senbei? Or perhaps the never ending rotation of awesome Japanese KitKat flavors on offer! We here at monthly Japanese snack box TokyoTreat are no strangers to tasty individually wrapped KitKats from Japan or those with exclusive Japanese flavors. 

But if you’re a beginner to Japanese snacks, finding out how to get the latest KitKat flavors can be pretty tricky! You can try to find a friend in Japan and ask them to send you some Nestle Japan KitKat goodness - but this is more about luck than anything else.

Obviously buying online can be a good way to keep up with the latest flavors. But the question is: where to turn? Amazon can be a big help in these times. But does it offer the best value for your money? Let’s take a look at some of your options for taking home the tastiest KitKats around. 

Amazon US

A friend to all of those who are looking for something obscure, Amazon is the first place that a lot of people go to first for their Japanese KitKat needs. And it is true that Amazon has a rich supply of Japanese KitKats. However, when looking for a specific flavor or new release, Amazon might not always be the best source.

As the KitKats need to be imported to your country, it can be difficult to get KitKats simultaneously as they are released. On top of that, they are marked up in price to account for the cost of importing them into the US. This means that Amazon isn’t always going to be your best source for Seasonal Japanese KitKat flavors.

Want to snack on Japan-exclusive Kit Kats and other Japanese sweets? TokyoTreat delivers delicious Japanese snacks for you to enjoy at home!


Maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about JapanHaul - but it certainly won’t be the last! The sister marketplace service of TokyoTreat, you can pick up Japan exclusive KitKats as they launch! Thanks to our handy Tokyo location, JapanHaul is able to score Japanese KitKats for you faster and cheaper than many other services.

Since new flavors of KitKat are always launching, scoring popular Japanese flavors such as Strawberry Cheesecake KitKats or Matcha Green Tea KitKats that are available all year, to the rarer and more seasonal Japanese KitKats such as those with autumn flavors like pumpkin, sweet potato, or chestnut, are all easy to find--not to mention cheap and plentiful--on our service JapanHaul.

With new and exciting flavor releases to be discovered seemingly all the time, there is always a good reason to check out the KitKat selection! And JapanHaul is usually able to offer your favorite sweet treat to you at a far cheaper price than other services are able to. From Sakura Cherry Blossom KitKats in springtime to interesting Sake KitKats in winter - JapanHaul is your one stop KitKat shop!

Amazon vs JapanHaul

KitKat Banana Caramel

Amazon US: $12.50

JapanHaul: $5.84 

KitKat Maple

Amazon US: $13.45

JapanHaul: $4.56

KitKat Pudding

Amazon US: $13.50

JapanHaul: $4.75

KitKat Whole Grain Biscuit

Amazon US: $11.39

JapanHaul: $2.76

KitKat Onsen Manju

Amazon US: $11.98

JapanHaul: $4.37

TokyoTreat vs Amazon

So where does TokyoTreat fit in? If you’re dreaming about trying new and limited edition Japanese KitKats every month but don’t know exactly when the newest release dates are or what new flavors are worth trying - leave it to your pals at TokyoTreat!

Compared to Amazon, TokyoTreat makes the KitKat snacking process easier and cheaper when you’re looking for Japanese KitKats. And for a little over the price of 2 packs of KitKats on Amazon, at $35 we put together a selection of not just the best KitKats, but 17 of the freshest and most exciting Japanese soda, snacks, and candy with crazy Japanese flavors every month without fail. It’s always something fun and cool to look forward to each month!

We’re a beginner’s best friend and the best way to get the Japanese KitKat hookup! And when you find a super delicious one you just can’t put down - you can score it again on JapanHaul! Why not check out what awesome KitKat flavor is coming this month in TokyoTreat? 

Let us know in the comments what your favorite flavors of Japanese KitKats are! Are there any in particular that you would really like to try sometime soon? Or is there a flavor that you’d love for them to come out with? We’d love to hear what you think!

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