Top 3 Summer Exclusive Japanese KitKats!

02 July 2020 by Tanner

Top 3 Summer Exclusive Japanese KitKats! 

Kit Kats are probably the most popular chocolates in Japan, and have become a snacking symbol for locals and tourists alike. In Japanese, “kitto katsu” is a play on words that essentially means “You’re bound to win!”, and because of this, Kit Kats have become a popular token of good luck given to students who are preparing for entrance exams. 

Besides Japanese locals, Kit Kats have become quite popular with tourists looking for the perfect souvenir to bring home from their Japanese vacations. In Japan, Kit Kats come in all sorts of unique seasonal and regional flavors that you can’t find anywhere else, so they’re a great way to spread the uniqueness of Japan through a familiar candy! 

Of course, we love Japanese Kit Kats here at TokyoTreat, and with the Japanese summer season in full swing, we figured it’s a great time to break down our top 3 favorite summer exclusive Japanese Kit Kats! 

1. Salt Lychee Kit Kat

Salty Lychee is actually a pretty popular pairing in Japan! Japanese summer gets super hot and humid, and so salty drinks help keep you hydrated, and the delicate tropical flavor of lychee leaves you feeling refreshed. That said - in Kit Kat form - the tropical Japanese fruity flavor mixes well with snappy white chocolate! The slightly salty finish gives these Kit Kat an addictively salivating effect that could cause your entire pack to disappear in the blink of an eye!  

Curious to try these out yourself? You can score an 11 piece Salt Lychee Kit Kat party pack in TokyoTreat’s August box! Get yours before it’s gone! 

2. Citrus Mint KitKat 

Just like the Salt Lychee Kit Kats, Citrus Mint Kit Kats invoke certain summer time beverages popular in Japan and around the world, almost like a mojito or a basil lemonade! Japanese Kit Kats are known for their creative and bold flavors that invoke a certain seasonality or rationality through their flavor, and these Citrus Mint Kit Kats are a perfect summertime treat! 

Grab a 12 pack of these exclusive Citrus Mint Kit Kats here! 

3. Salt Lemon Kit Kat 

Are you sensing a theme here? Salt and citrus is a fantastic, refreshing combination that makes for the perfect summertime exclusive Kit Kat! While the Salt Lychee Kit Kats are a bit more subtle and sweet, the Salt Lemon Kit Kats provide a bit of sour tartness to the party that really complements the sweet and salty flavors. All combined, a Salt Lemon Kit Kat is a total experience, stimulating all sorts of flavors on your palette! These Kit Kats make the perfect gift for friends and family - or, you could always treat yo’ self to a pack! 

Grab a pack of Salt Lemon Kit Kats here!


There are tons more exclusive and seasonal Japanese Kit Kats to try, but we think these three make a great starting point for anyone interested in taking a Japanese Kit Kat summer vacation. Speaking of summer vacations - you can get your own party pack of Salt Lychee Kit Kats, Salt Lemon Kit Kats, Vanilla Orange Coke and more in TokyoTreat’s August “Summer Vacation” snack box! Click below to grab your box and score exclusive Kit Kats before they’re gone for good! 

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