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01 July 2020 by Oliver

What DIY Treats are Hot This Summer In Japan?

With everyone having more time at home recently, people have been getting creative in the kitchen! In Japan, we’ve seen 3 trends pop up that are super popular during the quarantine period! Let’s take a look at what’s hot this summer in people’s kitchens (and Instagrams).

Dalgona Coffee


Yes! The super popular Korean coffee treat Dalgona coffee treat is massive in Japan right now!

For those who may not know, dalgona coffee is made by first whipping instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it becomes soft and creamy! Then it is placed on top of hot or cold milk! It takes its name from a type Korean sweet. 

Although this is Korean, it became super popular in Japan, and people even started adding Japanese twists to them, like Matcha! Would you give it a try?

Omurice Dress


Omurice is one of Japan’s most beloved dishes. So beloved… you might even want to wear it? The dress might not be that big, but people have spent hours trying to make these omelettes look like the base of a princess dress!

Omurice is a dish where a fluffy omelette is placed on tasty tomato flavored rice, and decorated with ketchup. But now people are now working harder than ever before to make elaborate omelette creations, even Omurice dresses! Do you have the patience to make this?

DIY Pancakes


Fluffy pancakes are a staple all over the world, but nowhere makes cute pancakes like Japan!

Pancake mix has been selling out all over Japan, and even people who aren’t the best at cooking are doing their best in the kitchen to make fun pancakes. It’s even fun for kids to make too so it's a popular choice for parents who want to switch up the quarantine routine!

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