Trying out 5 Family Mart seasonal lemon flavored Japanese snacks!

02 August 2018 by Jojo

We're back with a very yellow post today! After the choco mint craze in June and July the minty snacks will make place for the new summer flavor: Lemon! Lemon is a more common flavor in the west in comparison to Japanese flavors like ramune, sakura and red beans. However these limited lemon flavored Japanese snacks and Japanese candy are definitely unique! As soon as Family Mart released its new seasonal products we ran to the nearest convenience store and selected the 5 most unique and interesting Japanese snacks out of the at least 15 products that that they were selling to introduce them to you! First of all we introduced these snacks during an Instagram live stream but for those who missed it don't be sad! This blog post includes all the snacks that we used for our live stream!

1. Calbee' 'I am lemon' potato chips

Yum!! Look at these lemon flavored potato chips by Calbee. They are described as potato chips that are sweet and of course sour. We were really excited to try these!

Let's try it!

This was the first snack we tried during our instagram live. These potato chips indeed tasted very much as they were described: sweet and sour! The flavor wasn't as strong as we had expected, we recommend these for people who prefer mild and subtle flavors. We rated these potato chips a 7/10!

2. Happy Turn Lemon pepper rice crackers.

Happy Turn combines the fresh and sour taste of lemon with pepper! According to the company these potato chips are a perfect treat on a hot day. They recommend these potato chips for adults, this made us wonder how spicy they would be!

Let's try it!

These rice crackers definitely taste very unique! Even though they smell very strong and spicy they don't actually taste spicy. When you start eating them they first taste like regular rice crackers but after a few seconds a strong lemon flavor comes through with a tiny hint of pepper. We were definitely a big fan of these rice crackers and rated this Japanese snack by Happy Turn a 8/10!

3. Famima Bakery Danish pastry with lemon whip cream

This pastry was inspired by Danish pastries and filled with lemon flavored whip cream. Japanese love whip cream and like to put it in most of their sweets like pancakes, crepes and cake. We were expecting something very very sweet but hoped that the lemon flavor might even it out with some sourness!

Let's try it!

This pastry actually tasted a lot like we had expected it to. The bread is sweet and soft and the whip cream is soft but also a little sour. I definitely prefer lemon whip cream to the standard whip cream but personally I found this pastry a bit too sweet. It was not bad but not something I would buy again and Vanessa agreed with me. We rated this pastry a 6/10

4. Famima Bakery lemon sandwich cake

This is a very unique Japanese snack, it's something between a sandwich and a cake! When looking at it it has brown filling and also something that looks like jelly?! Interesting..

Let's try it!

Doesn't it look cute with the lemon yellow stripes? All the Famima lemon products have the same design now. When we thought the Lemon Danish pastry was already sweet, this lemon cake sandwich was even sweeter!! It tasted rather like cake and the jelly tasted like super sweet lemon! We couldn't figure out what the brown stuff was... I rated this sweet snack a 6/10 and Vanessa a 5/10. At least we're honest! I'm pretty sure that people with a sweet tooth would love this though!

5. Meji Lemon Marble chocolate

Of course Meji has also come out with a seasonal lemon flavored product! This chocolate is a mix of lemon and milk and looks very tasty. We were sure that we were going to love this!

Let's try it!

It is true that Meji doesn't disappoint! This chocolate is a perfect combination of creamy milk chocolate and sweet sour lemon chocolate. We couldn't stop eating it, this Japanese candy was definitely one of our favorites! We rated this a 8.5/10!

In addition to these 5 Japanese snacks, Family Mart also started selling this very special edition of Famima chicken in lemon flavor and Family mart x Fanta lemon Fanta! Unfortunately we couldn't get our hands on these that day since they are very popular but we will try again soon.

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We had a really fun time trying out these lemon flavored snacks while sharing our experience with you on instagram! The savory snacks and the chocolate were definitely our favorite. Which of these snacks would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below! And if you also want to try Japanese candy and snacks don't forget to check out our website below and get your Japanese candy subscription box now!

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