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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogYamanashi Fruits: The Best Ones Near Mt. Fuji!

Yamanashi Fruits: The Best Ones Near Mt. Fuji!

Mihika GandhiMihika Gandhi
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December 28, 2023
A peach on a tree in Yamanashi.

Yamanashi Prefecture is the rockstar of fruit towns because it grows some seriously amazing fruits that people love! It’s all thanks to this perfect mix of great soil, awesome weather, and Mt. Fuji as its ultimate backdrop. With these yummy fruits, nature puts on a show with Mount Fuji as the stage!

Why are fruits from Yamanashi Prefecture so good?

Yamanashi’s fruits, revered for their exceptional quality, owe their excellence to an exquisite fusion of several factors. Firstly, the region benefits from an optimal climate nurturing fruit cultivation with a delicate balance of sunlight and rainfall.

Secondly, the fertile soil, enriched by volcanic activity, imparts these fruits with robust flavors and vital nutrients. The artisans, rooted in local farming heritage, play an indispensable role. Their expertise passed down through generations, involves meticulous cultivation techniques.

They range from precise pruning, careful varietal selection, and unwavering attention throughout the growth cycle. This devotion ensures Yamanashi’s fruits reach peak perfection, delivering unmatched taste, juiciness, and sweetness that resonates globally.

Which fruits should I get from there?


Experience the strawberry wonderland of Yamanashi’s Omagari-cho Farm, where an epic strawberry-picking escapade awaits you! This vibrant spot in southern Kofu is a strawberry paradise, boasting the region’s longest sunlight hours.

Strawberries in an orchard.
Strawberries are popular all over Japan. Image via Shutterstock

Thanks to the sunlight, they grow amazing strawberries. They’ve got these cool greenhouses with traditional soil beds and raised gutters, making it a breeze to pluck the juiciest, picture-perfect berries without breaking a sweat.

Yamanashi proudly wears its crown as Japan’s “fruit kingdom,” and strawberry picking here is like a winter and springtime festival! And guess what? They even throw in free condensed milk to sweeten the deal!

Getting there is super easy, too! Catch bus #75/76 from Kofu station’s southern exit, hop off at Ochiaishimo or Ochiai, and take a short 5 to 15-minute stroll to your dream strawberry spot.

A bunch of strawberries in Yamanashi.
These strawberries are tart and juicy! Image via Shutterstock

With various orchards like Suzuki, Kankoichigoyamashiro, Ishihara, Deino, and Masudakazukoichigo offering their own berry-picking adventures, you’re in for a berry-good time! So, reserve your spot, and get ready to pick ‘n’ taste your way through strawberry heaven!


Get ready to indulge in Yamanashi’s grape extravaganza; especially in the spotlight are the star-quality grapes that put this place in a league of its own. Koshu, nestled in the heart of Yamanashi, is the grape hub of Japan, akin to the fame of Napa Valley.

Grapes on a tree in Yamanashi.
Some grapes are used for wine. Image via Shutterstock

Unlike Napa’s sprawling estates, Koshu’s vineyards are more cozy and quaint, offering homegrown grapes and even trying their hand at making wine. The easiest way to get there is by car, but if you fancy a scenic train ride, hop on the JR Chuo limited express trains – Azusa and Kaiji – from Tokyo’s Shinjuku station for about 1.5 hours. Voila! You’ll arrive at Enzan station, the main hub.

Or, if you want to jump off sooner, Katsunumabudokyo Station is the stop just before Enzan. Plan your trip between August and September, the grape season’s peak, for a grape-tastic experience.

Red grapes on a tree.
These grapes are huge! Image via Shutterstock

Sure, Koshu’s grapes might hit the wallet harder in fancy stores, but there’s a reason behind it! Visiting Farm Kunugi in early September was like wandering through a grape wonderland. All in all, lush greenery, various grape flavors to sample, and the bonus of friendly dogs give you that extra welcome!


Morita Farm, a peach paradise founded in 1948, is located in Fuefuki and is the largest peach producer in Yamanashi. Situated on the hills overlooking the Kofu Basin, this dreamy place offers its peaches plenty of sunshine, good soil, and temperature, making it a perfect home for growing this juicy fruit.

A bunch of peaches on a tree in Yamanashi.
Peaches are one of the most famous fruits in Japan? Image via Shutterstock

Moreover, the farm is run by a warm-hearted family who grow every peach with love. As a result, they ensure that each peach is hand-picked at just the right moment for an unforgettable summer treat.

Special rules apply here: The peaches aren’t rushed but are allowed to bask in the sun until they’re perfectly ripe. Then, bang! They arrive as fresh as a daisy from the morning harvest to dispatch on the same day.

A basket of peaches.
Peaches are one of the best summer fruits! Image via Shutterstock

And the soil is pampered like a spa, with no chemical additives, just home-grown organic fertilizer. These folks even play matchmaker, carefully selecting which peaches will grow big and sweet by pruning their numbers early. Morita Farm prides itself on providing naturally ripened peaches of the highest quality, offering you a unique taste experience.

Why should I try these fruits from Yamanashi?

Yamanashi Prefecture is a magical land where nature’s artistry paints a beautiful picture of fruitfulness set against the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Fuji. From the luscious strawberries in Omagari-cho to the grape-filled expanses of Kunugi and the mouthwatering peaches at Morita Farm, each harvest tells a story of nature’s marvels in this enchanting locale.

A peach tree in Yamanashi.
What Yamanashi fruits would you like to try? Image via Shutterstock

Crafted with utmost care by local artisans, these fruits are more than just delicious treats; they’re a testament to a heritage rich in tradition and unwavering commitment. Tourists and locals alike indulge in the diverse flavors, experiencing strawberries, grapes, and peaches that not only tantalize taste buds but also carry the essence of Yamanashi’s abundant beauty.

As you traverse this stunning region, sampling these delightful flavors, treasure the moments shaped by the gifts of nature. Embrace and celebrate Yamanashi’s unmatched legacy of remarkable fruits.

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