YumeTwins June Items Revealed

07 July 2016 by Vanessa

Anywhere Gudetama Mascot

We introduce to you, our favorite lazy egg! Add cuteness to your keys or bags with this irresistible Gudetama Charm and take him everywhere with you! Out of the various adorable eggy designs, which one did you get? Tag us using #yumetwins

Sailor Moon Plushie

Join Sailor Moon on a magical-action adventure! To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Sailor Moon recently released a series of exclusive plushies! Hopefully you got the one you wanted and don’t forget to take part in our photo contest!

Re-Ment: Funassyi Diorama Stickers

Funassyi is a popular character of Funabashi City. Use these kawaii Funassyi stickers from Re-Ment to decorate the background that is included in the pack, or add a touch of fun to your cards and notebooks!

Camio: Jacquard Mini Towel Ribbon

A cute high quality towel that is decorated with pretty pink ribbons! You can also easily fit it into any bag so you can carry it around with you! Super cute and useful!!

C'est bon Star Ring

These special Star Rings are currently extremely popular in Japan! Each design is super kawaii and pretty, with its own unique style! Put on your eye-catching ring and embrace the Harajuku girl in you!

Prism Paradise Heart Case

Everyone needs a cute case to put all your special trinkets and kawaii collectibles. Light and compact - take it with you everywhere you go!

Camio: Mini Panda Memo

Kawaii notebooks featuring adorable loveable Pandas! Keep track of your notes, sketches or shopping lists. They’re the perfect size to keep in your handbag or by the phone!

Sanrio Gudetama Coin Purse

Here’s a cute purse to keep your coins and small items safe! This Gudetema Purse is waterproof and can be easily closed with the clasp. It comes with a handy ball chain so you can attach it to your keys, bag or anywhere he can hang in your daily life.

What's your favorite item from June's box?? 

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Previous Comments (4)


09 July 2016 at 05:12 AM

I got the super special Anywhere Gudetama Mascot! The one you see in black, it has a weird mask and the fork! I don't know if it's rare or not but it's super cute with my purse! And I got Sailor Saturn who is my absolute favourite since I was a little girl, I was so happy when I saw her that I was jumping and almost crying! Unfortunately the ring is waaay to small even for the smallest of my fingers, but it happens when you have super fatty fingers. I love everything I received!

Kristine Tsiknaki

09 July 2016 at 11:00 PM

I ordered the first box at the beginning Yume Twins was announced, when the first one was supposed to be in July and then it was announced that the first box would be shipped in June instead but I seem to have received the wrong box because I had totally different items in mine (the tiara, socks, dog plush, hello kitty and my melody items etc). I feel very disappointed now as I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan and I seem to have missed out on all the good stuff and I don't know what I did wrong :(


12 July 2016 at 02:44 PM

Hi Kristine, could you kindly reach out to our support team at [email protected] with your invoice number so we can look into this?


15 July 2016 at 03:18 PM

Hi Silvia, we’re so glad to make you this happy! Our goal is to provide everyone with a little glimpse of Japanese culture every month. Enjoy! (♥‿♥)

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