YumeTwins | March's Totoro Themed Box Revealed

02 April 2017 by Ratih

Totoro was the theme of March's YumeTwins box! Finally after a long time waiting, we're able to bring you a box full of Totoro items that are useful yet fun. Checkout the full reveal of March's items below!

Totoro Hand Towel

Show your love for Totoro by taking this super thick and soft Totoro towel with you wherever you go. This high-quality towel is perfect to dry your hands with and also small enough to carry in your purse. With such cute designs, you’ll want to have it on you at all times. Which of the 5 intricately designed towels did you get?

Totoro Washi Origami Paper

Check out these cool origami paper with cute Totoro prints. These origami paper are made with washi paper which are stronger than the regular kind and have a special texture to them. Just in time for Spring, we bring you the origami pack that contains 5 different Spring themed Totoro prints. Even if origami isn’t your thing, you can use them as wrapping paper or for scrapbooking. What will you create with the beautiful papers?

Totoro 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (9 Pieces)

Enjoy creating your own mini Totoro figure with this cute 3D jigsaw puzzle. Combine the pieces to create 3 individual mini Totoros or stack the 3 together. Whether it’s for the love of nifty puzzles or for the love of Totoro, we are sure the combination of two will bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

My Neighbor Totoro Origami Kit

Challenge your art skills with this wonderful Totoro Origami Kit. The kit comes complete with enough paper for 3 different sized Totoro, Catbus and the Kusakabe house. Conveniently enough, the box can be used as a display stand for your new Totoro origami collection! The kit comes ready with instructions in Japanese but if you check the link written on the instruction paper, you’ll be taken to the official how-to video. Not only is this kit fun to make, once displayed, it’ll sure to be an eye-catcher.

Shinada Fukurairai Plush

This month, popular Japanese plush maker Shinada makes an appearance in your box in the form of, you guessed it, a plush! These cute animals from the Fukurairai series are said to bring you good luck. They are said to be ensuring your good fortune by meditating with their eyes closed. Whether or not they actually bring good luck, they will certainly bring you comfort with their cute facial expression and softness. Which of the 6 cute animals did you get?

Which kawaii items was your favorite from this box?

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