YumeTwins | October Items Revealed

03 November 2016 by Vanessa

In October, we filled your box with “must-have kawaii goodies” that are not only the latest kawaii trend in Japan but also very practical and portable so that you can always be surrounded by cuteness, wherever you are!

Masquerade Design Facial Pack

All of us fell in love with these facial packs with masquerade design the moment we set our eyes on them and we wanted you to have them. With such pretty designs on the them, you will want to keep them on your face forever. Say goodbye to boring one tone facial packs and say hello to the colorful and cute design packs!

Shinada Koishi-tai Plushie

Meet the cute alien cupid plushies made by Shinada. These plushies are always looking for love and are said to bring luck to you in your romance life. Small enough to carry around, these cute and soft plushies will be a good reminder that love is all around you.

Hello Kitty Cat Cafe Mini-Figure

Cat cafes have gained popularity globally but Japan was one of the first countries to introduce the concept to the world. Re-Ment, the popular Japanese mini-toys maker has joined in on the trend by having their own line of Hello Kitty cat cafe mini-figures. Even Hello Kitty’s pets Charmmy and Honey Cute make appearances in this cat cafe line!

Standing Cat Toothbrush

We can’t get enough of this adorable toothbrush. Not only is it super cute, it’s also very practical. The bottom of the toothbrush have a suction cup so you can have it stand on its own or stick it to your bathroom mirror or wall. What’s not to like when cuteness meets practicality!?

Snoopy Riceball Shapers

Check out these adorable rice ball shapers! Now you can make your own cute Snoopy shaped rice balls and bentos easily! Add nori seaweeds to use for the eyes and mouth to make them even cuter! You can also probably use the mold as a cookie cutter too! With both Snoopy and Woodstock molds, you can make the cutest Snoopy family bento that will have everyone oohing and aahing!

Yokai Watch Komasan Fluffy Pouch

Super popular character Komasan of Yokai Watch makes an appearance in this month’s box in the shape of a super cute pouch. Whether you use it as a makeup bag or to store your writing utensils or for holding travel-size toiletries, this pouch will be the object of envy among your friends and family. With its super fluffy texture, you might just want to keep it next to your plushies!

My Collage Decorative Sticky Notes

These cute decorative sticky notes can be used on multitude of items. Whether you use them as a file divider, bookmark, or to decorate your photos, these sticky notes are sure to add another dimension of cuteness to many of your belongings and note keeping!

YumeTwins Original Halloween Sticker

This month, we put in our very first original YumeTwins sticker in your box. Most know from our website and our boxes, the character is the embodiment of what yume kawaii is all about - cute and fantasy-like but with a touch of darkness! Because it’s Halloween month, we got her to look even more mischievous than usual! What do you think about the sticker and would you like to see more original items in future boxes?

What was your favorite item from this month’s box?

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