YumeTwins | Sept 2017 Giveaway Winners ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

25 September 2017 by Willyson

September giveaway announced!

Hi everyone! This is the time to announce YumeTwins September 2017 Giveaway. First of all, how was your Summer? We welcomed the September by giving YumeTwins a new look and we are happy with the responses received from our dear subscribers  and it really make our Autumn incredible so far and hopefully you will too. Meanwhile, the Autumn vibes in Japan is really strong and we would like to share the happiness by announcing the winners for YumeTwins' giveaway of this month. To sum it up, we received a lot of entries from many users around the world and these are the 10 lucky winners:

Mikaela Dean

Ann Brown


Bonnie Corpening

Tania Poidevin

Joanna Kubacka


Kimmy Ripley

Anita Fogt

Pearlyn Oh

*Winners will be contacted via Email before September 30, 2017*

There is no need to worry in case you have not won it yet. You may stay tuned to our social media pages especially FacebookInstagram and Twitter for future giveaway. Don't forget to Like and Follow our page too! 

Do not miss out on the October box! Sign up with code NEWYT to get 10% OFF for your first box.


Previous Comments (11)


26 September 2017 at 08:01 AM

Yatta!!! I won! Thank youuuu <3

Alexandra Stempfer

26 September 2017 at 12:16 PM

It's sad that i didn't won because todays my birthday and that would have been the perfect present, but still congratulations to the winners!

Willyson Eveiro

26 September 2017 at 03:09 PM

Yatta!!! Congratulations to you Mikan and our team will contact you soon. ?

Willyson Eveiro

26 September 2017 at 03:12 PM

Happy birthday to you, Alexandra!! Best wishes to you from YumeTwins team. ???? Don't worry about this month giveaway because we still have lots of giveaway hidden up our sleeves. Thank you and good luck to you. Once again, have a blast for your month!


27 September 2017 at 06:08 AM

Congrats to everyone that won!! <3

Mikaela Dean

27 September 2017 at 06:57 AM

Oh my goodness I have actually won! Thank you so much Yumetwins, I was just saying in facebook comments a little while ago that I hoped to win something ??


01 October 2017 at 04:11 AM

Yay, I won. Can't wait for box :3

Willyson Eveiro

03 October 2017 at 11:40 AM

Don't forget to join our next giveaway!! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Willyson Eveiro

03 October 2017 at 11:40 AM

Congratulations, Mikaela!! Hope you will love the free box. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Willyson Eveiro

03 October 2017 at 11:41 AM

Hang tight for the box, Nashi! ٩(●ᴗ●)۶

Pearlyn Oh

05 October 2017 at 07:18 PM

Can't believe I won! Thank you YumeTwins! <3

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