3 Melon Snacks You Need To Try

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There are some pretty uniquely flavored Japanese snacks. Melon, is one of those flavors that is not so popular in other countries, but in Japan they are obsessed with melon! From drinks, to cookies, bread, chocolate, and more! Here are 3 melon snacks you need to try!

Melon Soda

If you have not yet tried Japanese melon soda, then you are missing out. What is melon soda, you ask? Well, melon soda is a common Japanese carbonated drink that you can find in many restaurants, karaoke parlors, cafes, and other places around Japan. It’s bright green color might be off putting to some, but trust us, it is great. It is especially great with a scoop of ice cream on top as a ice cream float.

Melon soda is one of those things that does not taste like the name implies. That’s great news for non melon fans, it doesn’t really taste like melon, so melon fan or not, this drink is great! Get your melon soda here!

Melon KitKats

Japan is know for the wide variety of unique flavored KitKats, they even have melon ones! While KitKats can be found at convenience stores and grocery stores around the country, the specialty flavor such as the melon one are not as easily accessible. Some of the flavors are even limited edition and specialty product which are even harder to find as they sell out quickly. Luckily there is a KitKat Chocolatory in the heart of Tokyo, and you can often find cool flavors online.

Melon Bread & Melon Bread Cookies

Have you had the ever famous melon bread (or melonpan)? While it is not a melon flavored snack, it is a melon snack! Melon bread is made from an enriched dough covered in a thin layer of crsip cookie dough. It is a common Japanese snack and can be found at convenience stores, grocery store, and bakeries across the country. Melon bread gets its name not from a melon flavor but from the texture on the top as it appears to be similar to a melon. Though, many brands are even coming out with melon flavored melon bread too.

A fun twist on the standard melon bread is the melon bread cookie! It has the flavor of traditional melon bread but the texture and crunch of a cookie! Get your melon bread cookies here!

How any of these snack has you tried? Let us know in the comments!

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