5 Japanese Teas Every Tea Lover Needs In Their Collection

14 May 2019 by Kartini

When you think of things that Japan is known for you may think of anime or sushi, but one high quality product you shouldn’t forget is tea! Japanese people really put a lot of value on tea, as we all know there are aspects to drinking tea in tea ceremonies that are a part of Japanese history and tradition. It’s not just drink it but an art form. In Japanese tea ceremonies, there are many aspects that go into the process of making the tea including etiquette and manners which has attracted many tourists when coming to Japan.

When tourists come to Japan some of them use the opportunity to buy traditional tea that has rich flavor, but don't forget that there are also many Japanese teas that are good for your health, relaxing your body, and even for boosting your mood! When you think of Japanese tea, you may first think of the very famous and trendy match, but besides matcha there are actually a lot of other flavors!

Let’s take a look at some of our tea recommendation that you have to add in your collection!

1. Brown Rice Tea / Genmai-cha

This kind of tea has a very different and unique taste than other Japanese teas. You can taste the strong roasted rice flavor and see that the tea appears more yellowish than other traditional teas. Genmai-cha is filled with antioxidants that boosts your immune system and also helps to drain the toxins from your body.

2. kelp tea / Kombu-cha

This tea is one type of tea that is made a bit differently than traditional teas, it’s made from kelp! The tea is made by mixing ground or sliced kombu seaweed into the hot water. Kombu-cha has A LOT of great health benefits, one of which is its source of probiotics that can help protect you from cancer!

3. Barley tea / Mugi-cha

This another type of tea that uses interest and unique ingredients, it is made by infusing roasted barley into water. Since it is not made from tea leaves, it does not contain any caffeine so it’s great to drink at nighttime when you don’t want to be kept up all night!

4. Roasted green tea / Hoji-cha

This type of Japanese tea is very popular and many people’s favorite! It's the same as green tea but it is processed by roasting the tea leaves, so the taste is a little bit light and sweet. Hoji-cha is great for relieving stress and relaxing your body, and it’s perfect for weight loss! If you’re stressed or worried about your weight this one is the tea for you!

5. Black tea / Ko-cha

The real meaning of Kocha in Japan is actually red tea, because the colour is more of a reddish brown colour. Ko-cha is famous for its health benefits and it has moderate bitterness and richness.

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How many of these are already in your tea collection? Let us know what other flavours you want to try!

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