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Amuse Alpacasso Plushies

15 July 2016 by Vanessa

Official Amuse Alpacasso Plushies will be included in August YumeTwins boxes! 

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Everyone is probably wondering why the ever so popular Amuse Alpacasso is just that - SO popular? Today, we are here to tell you why!

Originally an animal found in many parts of South America, they are very similar to llamas. But unlike alpaca, they are considerably smaller than llamas and are bred specifically for their soft fur. Their plush fur is often the source of many knitted items such as sweaters, ponchos socks and bedding.

The soft cuddly alpaca plushies featured in our August box are the product of Amuse. Originally found as arcade game prize in Japan, these furry plushies have taken the globe by a storm in popularity. Because they are so popular, there are many selling knockoff on the internet. Here at YumeTwins, as always, we are commited to delivering only the top notch quality items and we just had to get all our fans the original product. Of course, the luscious texture of the plushies is one of the reasons but also their calm and sweet faces also have an almost therapeutic effect on the plushie holder. These adorable plushies come in multitude of soft kawaii colors such as white, yellow and rainbow gradation.

Can you resist smiling at these adorable Alpacasso plushies when they look back at you? Do you already own a Amuse Alpacasso plushie? What other color would you like to see these plushies come in?

Please share us your thoughts in the comment section! :)

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