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Bedtime with Final Fantasy

23 January 2019 by A387ea209e4fb35633de40460b524727adc3def4 1 2958 Christophe

Many of us have played at least one Final Fantasy game, if not all of them, so whenever something related to the mythical series comes out, we can hardly hide our excitement and this time is no exception!

Recently, Lawson launched a FF dedicated campaigns, with limited Final Fantasy flavored fried chicken. Just this is already quite some excitement, with its package and the battle victory music playing when making the payment (just that makes it worth it!)

The only thing is, once you finished the fried chicken, you wish you had something more. And Lawson did not disappoint!

There is an ongoing contest now to get a very rare prize as you can see here: an Extra-Large Soft and Fluffy Moogle Cushion! But unlike what the name shows, this is more of a big sleeping bad, or even transportable bed. Call it however you prefer, the main point is that this is exactly what can drive fans crazy!

The contest to win this incredible prize runs until January 28th and the steps to participate are pretty simple, all you need to do is to follow Lawson’s instagram account and retweet the contest.

Do you think you have what it takes to win the challenge?

Source: Lawson

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