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These Unique Snacks Are Bugging Us Out!

18 August 2017 by Nic

This...this is Japanese candy?! That is a lot of people's initial reaction to these uniquely bug shaped treats. This Japanese candy from Komatsuya have become incredibly popular online. Check them out below to see why!

As you can see, the snacks come in various shapes and sizes to fill anyone's creepy crawly desires!

These little guys are chocolate treats! Many people have bought these as a way to trick friends in a delicious way!

However, if chocolate isn't your thing, these caramel maggots might be right up your alley! These are perfect bite size snacks for casual bug snacking.

Want to shock a friend with these lil' buggers? This beehive cake would accomplish that mission! On the outside it looks like a uniquely decorated chocolate mini-cake, but once you cut it open, the hidden bug candy is the real surprise! Also, it has a lovely hint of honey flavoring perfect for the beehive theme.

These beetle candies are amazing! Not only are they life-like, but more importantly, they are delicious! The first beetle candy is a traditional Japanese jelly flavor, while the second is a chocolate treat.

So, we know you are cravin' these buggers now! I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't want to chill at home snacking on a bowl of caramel maggots?! Jokes aside, these snacks are perfect for various situations throughout the year, but we definitely feel like Halloween is the ultimate timing for these creepy creations!

So, have these snacks bugged you out? Are you itching to try crunching into a beetle? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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