5 kawaii halloween snacks & sweets to try in Japan!

26 October 2018 by Jojo

Are you excited for Halloween? We sure are! Japan loves special holidays, occasions and parties and especially to decorate and sell anything with a special theme! In this blog post you can read about awesome halloween sweets and snacks that you can find in Japan during the spookiest time a year! Wondering how Halloween became so big in Japan and how people celebrate it here? Check out this blog post! Are you not much of a party person but still in the Halloween mood ? Perhaps you can check out these Halloween movies and anime!

1. Krispy Kreme donuts

Every year Krispy kream Japan comes out with delicious Halloween donuts! This year's theme is black or pink. Different kinds of pink and dark chocolate donuts shaped like cats, spiderwebs and pumpkins! These spooky treats are not only delicious but also very affordable at 200 yen per donut!

2. Eggs 'n Things Halloween pancakes

Wow!! Look at these amazing Halloween pancakes!! Can't get spookier than this! The spiderweb pancakes are made of the darkest chocolate and covered in pumpkin sauce and lots of purple whipped cream! According to Eggs 'n things there's a little 'trick' hidden inside these pancakes, what can it be?

For those who prefer savory stuff Eggs 'n Things have also transformed their famous eggs benedict into a creepy Halloween version! A juicy hamburger, eggs and potatoes sounds just right. Which of these two do you prefer?

3. Alice in Wonderland Halloween sweets buffet

Alice in Wonderland is an interesting Disney film and it has its creepy moments! Now you can visit a sweets buffet inspired by the movie. Wouldn't it be the perfect place to have a Halloween lunch with friends? The black and red theme is gorgeous and has both elegant and scary desserts: close to 20 of them! As well as 10 light foods.

Check out this gorgeous dessert! Based on the crown of Alice in Wonderland's evil queen. It's made of chestnut bavarois, wild strawberries and red currents and is coated in chocolate powder. It has crunchy cookie texture.

Enjoy this spooky Halloween buffet for 3800 yen per person.

5. Starbucks Halloween frappuccinos

Of course Starbucks Japan also did their best to create an interesting Halloween menu. This year they've decided on the theme of Halloween witch and Halloween princess! The Halloween witch dark apple chocolate frappuccino has a rich dark chocolate flavor but is yet sweet as frappuccinos always are. If you love super sweet than the Halloween princess milk sweet apple must be the drink for you!

In addition they've also released witch and princess donuts, yummy!

Which Japanese Halloween snack would you like to try? What kind of Halloween snacks do they have in your country? Let us know in the comments below!

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