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Prism Paradise Heart Case and C'est bon Star Ring

30 June 2016 by Vanessa

In today’s post, we would like to introduce our family to two items that are featured in our debut YumeTwins box - the adorable Prism Paradise Heart Case and C’est bon Star Ring. Delivered to you in assortment of soft colors, both items probably hit a soft spot for kawaii loving fans.

Did you know that Prism Paradise is commonly known by its abbreviated name PriPara (プリパラ) in Japanese? Prism Paradise was originally introduced as an arcade game and has since been adapted into manga and more recently, anime movie due to its popularity!

Each of our debut box delivered to you features a small heart shaped case with pictures of the most popular Prism Paradise characters looking through the window of the case. Inside the case, you can find a mirror attached and small ramune flavored candies. You can even make the case into a cosmetic compact after finishing your candies. Did you get the color you wished for? After you finish eating the yummy candies, what will you keep in the case?

Debuting in 1979, the C’est bon Star series are commonly found in supermarkets in the sweets section because all C’est bon goods are packaged with some sweets. Apparently it is popular with both young and adult females because of the obvious kawaii factor. Many older females are buying them up because these novelty goods remind of the time when they were young girls.

The C’est bon Star goody we put in our June box is a ring in one of multiple colors and is packaged with some sugary ramune candies. Because the C’est bon Series specialize in collectible accessories like necklaces, rings and charms, fans of this series like to collect different accessories and coordinate themselves in C’est bon accessories. What color ring did you get? What other C’est bon Star accessory would you like to see in the future?

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