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Time To Pump Up The Party - Introducing Party Packs!

19 November 2017 by Nic

We here at TokyoTreat want to make sure our TokyoTreat Family members enjoy and love their Japanese snack box as much as we do. To help achieve that goal, we upgraded our boxes and decided to include share packs for maximum shareability. However, we didn't stop there! We all wanted to pump up the party! Now, every box also includes awesome giant Party Packs!

Party packs are larger sized bags of your favorite Japanese snacks, like Pocky and Japanese Kit Kats! Many limited, seasonal flavors of snacks come only in these larger packs. They also provide larger portions of snacks as well. More flavors, more volume! Win-win! So, to ensure that our snack boxes included as much variety of flavor and textures as possible, we decided to squeeze these bad boys into your box! Check out some examples of Japanese candy party packs below!

Introducing Party Packs

These Japanese Kit Kats are a great example of the exclusive flavors that come only in party packs! As you can see, the Kit Kats come individually wrapped so you can party it up with tons of friends anywhere, anytime!

Party packs can help be the life of the party with all their fun flavor varieties and colorful appearances! These Poifull Japanese candies are full of fruity flavors that can help brighten the mood of any get together!

Party packs are filled to the brim with snacks. This Pie No Mi party pack is full of delicious chocolate biscuit snacks that everyone loves to snack on while hanging out with friends!

Compared to the usual chocolate and whipped cream flavored Choco Pies, these party packs offer refreshing takes on the classic snack! Only party packs provide flavors like melon and strawberry Choco Pies!

For the classic, you can get more of what you already love! Instead of the usual 2 packs per box, these party packs contain 9 flavor-filled packs of tasty classic flavors! The more the merrier, as they say!

We hope that you can see how our new upgraded boxes will be packed with more flavor and fun! If you'd love to try out awesome Japanese snacks and candies, be sure to subscribe here! To keep up with Japanese snacks news and more, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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