Japanese Candy With A Healthy Twist - Introducing Kinosei Snacks!

23 November 2017 by F40e5d3bcef456e171167cf9d02f633a40cdd15a nicholass avatar Nic

Japanese candy and snacks are our passions here at TokyoTreat. We try to spread the Japanese snack love far and wide, which is why we made tons of awesome upgrades to our Japan box plans! One of those upgrades is the new category, found in both Premium and Classic boxes, Kinosei snacks! Today, we want to go a bit more in depth and show some examples of just what exactly a kinosei snack is.

To start, kinosei snacks are delicious Japanese snacks that claim to have a health benefit. This benefit can range from practical uses, like settling an upset stomach, to more wacky benefits, like brushing your teeth as you chew! Below are some other examples of these snacks!

These snacks are great for when you've had a long day and just need to relax. They are supposed to help warm up your body and take away any tension or aching you may feel! What a great way to relax - having the delicious snack do all the work for you!

These two Japanese candies are great for those looking to be more health-conscious! The purple bag offers a rum raisin milk candy that is said to increase the strength of your bones! On the other hand, the green bag, which has a sweet spinach milk candy, claims to burn away fat as you enjoy its distinct flavor!

Have an upset stomach? This tablet candy can help with that! After you've gone running or have been dashing about all day, you may experience stomach problems. This candy is made to help settle the stomach and return your body back to its normal, happy self!

Ain't nobody got time for brushin' their teeth! This gum was made to help those who are always on the go, or who just enjoy a fresh mouth at all times. This kinosei snack is one of the wackier, unique ideas that Japan is loved for!

This last kinosei snack is another gum, but this one is supposed to enhance your memory! If you have trouble remembering dates, have an upcoming test, or your mother's birthday, this gum is for you! You can get it in your next box if you subscribe by 11/30/2017!

So, are you excited for these upcoming quirky, totally-Japan kinosei snacks? We hope you are, because we are hyped to send them your way! Let us know in the comments which of these kinosei snacks you'd love to try!

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