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Japanese Candy Corner - We Try Mochi Custard Taiyaki!

06 December 2018 by Ebf98b645fb767fcb26dd4f3f96feb8000252499 unnamed 4 cropped Marie

If you read our previous post explaining Taiyaki, we're sure you already have an idea of what this tasty snack is! But for those in need of a recap, Taiyaki is usually a fish shaped pancake filled with a sweet red bean paste filling! And although it's fish shaped don't worry, there's no actual fishy business going on here unlike this fried oyster ice cream! Recently 7 Eleven in Japan released a very special version of this Japanese candy/snack, and we've kept going back and grabbing it every few days it's so delicious!

So... What's so special about this taiyaki? Well, instead of pancake batter the outside is delicious mochi (rice cake)! Which we're sure many of you Japanese candy lovers are familiar with as it's a staple traditional Japanese candy! We've also included mochi many times before in our TokyoTreat snack box before too (we've also included taiyaki!) But what makes this mochi even more special than usual is the fact it's baked too! Which gives it a more unique texture!

And then... the inside! Usually taiyaki is filled with sweet red bead paste which we aren't a fan of, but this taiyaki is filled with custard! The custard inside is perfectly sweet and has the flavour of vanilla coming through too! The mix of the chewy mochi with the sweet custard is super addictive, and it's the perfect size, not too big or small! You can pick up this delicious sweet treat in 7 Eleven convenience stores across Japan for 138 Japanese yen which is around 1.2 USD! Bargain! Definitely give it a try if you get the chance!

Have you ever tried taiyaki before? Does this mochi custard taiyaki sound like a dream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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