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Check Out These Super Kawaii Pokemon Floral Tea Cup Figures!

08 July 2018 by Nic

We love absolutely anything and everything related to kawaii Pokemon! Kawaii plushies, cafes, and so much more! Recently there were some adorable perfume bottle Pokemon figures announced and now, in a series similar to those, there are these lovely Pokemon floral cup figures! We were so excited to see these as it fits the summer weather perfectly! We knew right away we needed to introduce these to our YumeTwins family!

Look at how cute these are! You can see Pikachu, Eevee, Dewgong, Mew, Vulpix, and Ivysaur! The tea cups and flower choices match each Pokemon so well!

Look at how detailed these are! So much care and attention was paid when detailing the flowers and Vulpix. The handle of the tea cup shines as thought it is made out of real gold. The whole figure is just so charming! We want to just cover our rooms in these!

Now this is a Pokemon you don't find often in figure series like this! We are SO happy to see Dewgong has its own kawaii cup! The light blue cup goes so well with Dewgong as it looks like icy water that Dewgong just appeared from. The white and blue flowers again help bring together the icey vibes!

One of the rarest Pokemon around, Mew, also makes an appearance in this kawaii series! The white, pink, and purple colors bring together the psychic type atmosphere, while still remaining enchanting. We can also imagine Mew just flying around a garden playing with cute flowers after looking at this!

So, who else absolutely loved these designs? Let us know in the comments below which design you enjoy most.

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