YumeTwins | October 2018's Theme - Magical Halloween

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YumeTwin's Box October 2018 Theme - Magical Halloween

Get ready for all the kawaii hocus pocus coming this month! We here at YumeTwins absolutely love October. Why? Because Halloween is coming soon of course! We are all about the fun had during Halloween, so we put together a fun box featuring plenty of kawaii and cute Japanese characters that represent this holiday perfectly! So, are you ready for this month's Magical Halloween kawaii box?

This month, in addition to all practical kawaii goods coming, we have a fun photo contest that you're all sure to enjoy participating in! Of course, by doing so you can have a chance to win some cute goods straight from Japan and a free kawaii subscription box!

On top of all that, one lucky YumeTwins family member will win our giant Yume Prize. This prize is only available to our YumeTwins family members and is valued over $500! It is jam packed with kawaii goods, so you don't want to miss out on your chance to win this. Be sure to join the YumeTwins family for a chance to win!

Make sure to keep up on all the magical information about our box this month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up!

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