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KitKat reveals a new limited chocolate ahead of Valentine's Day

16 January 2019 by A387ea209e4fb35633de40460b524727adc3def4 1 2958 Christophe

We all know it, KitKat in Japan offer an amazing range of more than 300 different flavours and Nestle always makes sure to surprise and satisfy everyone with new amazing ones.

Last year, the ruby KitKat was released for the first time ahead of the Valentine’s Day celebration and once again the time has come to unveil the latest creation from the chocolate producer.

This time, young couples will have the chance to taste the new Sublime Volcanic KitKat that will be available very soon in the KitKat Chocolate stores. So what makes this flavour different than the previous ones? And why Volcanic?

The answer is simple: the owner of Firetree Chocolate Ltd, that worked with Nestle to produce this new chocolate, has been traveling around the world in order to test and discover new tastes and he found one with a unique flavour on the volcanic islands in Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. The unique soil and amazing work of the farmers then produces this very peculiar cocoa that is now featured in the Nestle production.

Finally, since the earliest days of the KitKat Chocolatory project Yasunari Takagi has been in charge of molding the cocoa into the final products and this time is no exception. The chef proudly describes the new KitKat as being the “taste of the earth”, presenting a different flavour for each of the three volcanic islands, which cocoa production is now presented to the whole world.

That’s it for the story of the chocolate, now the question that you are all asking yourselves: where do you get them and how much do they cost?

Next week all the KitKat stores and chocolatories, pop-up stores and online shops will have them at 400 yen for a single bar or 1,300 yen for the box set

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