We tried Lawson's Hello Kitty steamed bun & bento box!

20 February 2019 by 6c3d4d34984c46c74034c228f7289f60bdc21d14 img 0041 1 Jojo

Hello Kitty, Japan's iconic kawaii cat has turned 45! In 1974 the first Hello Kitty item ever was released in Japan and to celebrate this convenience store Lawson has started selling adorable treats featuring Sanrio's most famous kawaii character. As soon as we found out that the Hello Kitty snacks would be released in Lawson stores all over the country on February 19th we rushed to our nearest store to check out the kawaii treats!

The snack we were looking forward to most was the Hello Kitty head bun. In convenience stores, steamed buns are widely available in many delicious kind of flavors, most of them have savory fillings like pork, beef, pizza or curry! Of course the Hello Kitty bun has to be sweet and has a custard and a sweet apple filling! The tasty hot buns are available for only 200yen ($1.80) and make a great afternoon snack on a cold day!

When we arrived at Lawson we found the Hello Kitty buns immediately as they stood out from all the nikuman, curryman and pizzaman. Only 2 Hello Kitty buns were left so we made it just in time! We brought one back for pictures and a little taste test.

The Hello Kitty bun we got looked a bit... different to the one advertised by Lawson. The ears less perky, ribbon less shiny and let's not bring up the facial proportions. It's the inside that matters right? And all in all it's still a cute bun!

Byebye Kitty

Cutting Hello Kitty cute head in half felt a bit brutal but we wanted to see what the filling looked like and of course try a piece! The steamed bread bun was warm and soft and was a good combination with the creamy custard and chunky pieces of apple! It was not AS sweet as we'd expected, anyone who prefers mildly sweet and soft treats would enjoy the Hello Kitty head bun!

We also got the Hello Kitty Petit Lunch Bento Box that is available for only 399yen ($3.50) featuring a mix of traditional Japanese food like sushi but also yoshoku (Japanese-western style food) like hamburger steak!

Doesn't it look super tasty??

Even though this bento really WAS tiny and probably not enough to satisfy the cravings for anyone who's over 12 years old, there was a nice variation of different kinds of western and Japanese foods that tasted fresh and of high quality.

We are always excited to see food that features our favorite kawaii characters! As you might know we've already visited the Natsume Yuujincho cafe, the Gudetama space cafe and the Pokemon cafe. What about you? Have you ever tried cute character food before in a Japanese theme cafe or at a convenience store? Let us know in the comments below!

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