NEW Pocky x Milk Tea Collection: Bittersweet Flavors for the End of the Heisei Era!

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April 30th is going to be an historical moment for Japan. The Heisei era that started in 1989 will come to an end with emperor Akihito stepping down from the throne after a 30-year long reign. Many people who grew up during the Heisei area or lived most of their lives during this era like to look back and reminiscence about the good old days.

That's why your favorite chocolate biscuit stick brand Pocky has collaborated with Kirin's Gogo no Kocha (afternoon tea) brand of milk tea drinks to create a nostalgic drink and pocky snack based around the theme of 'Those Adolescent Days'.

The packaging will show off students throughout the Heisei area with 3 different packages and the flavors will be bittersweet to create that nostalgic feeling featuring a combination of coffee and cocoa. Let's have a look at the first Heisei decade

The first Heisei decade (1989-1997) was the era in which students like to bleach their hair, wear short skirts, baggy cardigans, loose socks and carry accessories like many many keychains and walkmans!

The second Heisei decade (1998-2007) was characterized by students wearing navy knee-high socks in particular, socks with the Playboy Bunny logo on them! They also liked to tie their jumpers around their waists and carry schoolbags with colorful writing penned on them.

The third and final Heisei era (2008-2019) was the era in which the selfie craze started! Also short socks became popular, backpacks and cuddly pencil cases!

Kirin's afternoon tea will have a mascarpone cheese flavor (yum!) and will also display similar Heisei school-life scenes. They're also available in guy-versions! Heisei first decade (1989-1997)

Heisei's second decade (1998-2007)

Heisei's third decade (2008-2019)

What's even cooler about these packages? Put them together and the designs create different classroom scenes!

And do you know what is even BETTER? Try the milk tea and Pocky together and you have a whole new flavor! The two separate flavors were specifically created to go together: the coffee and cocoa from the Pocky blend with the mascarpone cheese in the milk tea to bring out the flavor of tiramisu!

These releases will only be available for a limited time so if you feel nostalgic or are just curious about the flavors then you can get these flavors now (available from February 12th!) The Pocky costs 180yen $1.70 and the Afternoon Tea 143yen $143yen.


Are you excited about these flavors? Which of the 3 heisei era's school uniforms do you like most? Let us know in the comments below!

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