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Sushi That Is Not Only Food, But Is Also Art!

12 October 2017 by Nic

Japanese snacks are well known for their unique tastes, flavors, and designs. There are plenty of cute, or even creepy, snacks out there! However, there is one artist who expresses her art through cooking and sushi is her canvas! Artist Takayo Kiyota is incredibly talented! The amazingly detailed pieces she makes express this! I mean, when we came across these pictures of her food we couldn't believe our eyes! So, are you ready to check out some of these cool works? Let's go on a sushi adventure!

So, are you shocked at how creative these are?! We have some cool creatures here, like the green kappas. We can only imagine how much work these took to make. Now, while we enjoy gazing at the sushi, we are also curious about how tasty they are! Still, even if we can't try them, we imagine they must be delicious!

Now, these are truly works of art! I mean, literally, The Scream! Talk about having a cultured meal! So, would you be able to eat these or would you frame them?!

Even more, there is the Girl with a Pearl Earring! The small details are astonishing! Every single piece of rice is precisely placed to make the whole work come together.

Also, some of the works are more practical. I mean, who wouldn't want to make a call with a sushi phone? We love the humorous take some works have!

So, were you as impressed as we were with these? Tell us in the comments below which one was most impressive!

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