TokyoTreat July 2020 Giveaway Winners Announced!

01 August 2020 by 7c2351084a95c1d2ef22a204c7bd59c7ac47bbb8 img 9823 Selly

TokyoTreat's July Giveaway Winners Announced Here! (^v^)

Hey TokyoTreat fam!

Winners for TokyoTreat FREE BOX GIVEAWAY of July have been chosen. Are you excited about this? We got 10 names listed below as usual, and let's see if your name is on the list! *drum rolls*

Mehtap A

Jessica R

Cat M

Kiara W

Kristi T

Louis M

Cristian T. E.

Christine R

Saudah M

Ani M

Congratulations to all winners! Our team will reach you out soon, so you can claim your free TokyoTreat box.

Haven't won our giveaway yet? Don't give up! We will be giving away another 10 boxes this August. See you in the next giveaway which will be live soon and don't forget to always keep an eye on our social media! 😉

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