TokyoTreat | November 2017's Theme - Flavorful Thanksgiving Feast

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November's Theme - Flavorful Thanksgiving Feast

Flavorful Thanksgiving Feast

Did you know that Japan has its own version of Thanksgiving that takes place in November?  The origin of the holiday and how it's celebrated completely differs from North America but it is a national holiday that is mainly observed on November 23rd. This year, it falls on the same day as the American Thankgiving day!

Seeing as how they coincide, we decided to go with Flavorful Thanksgiving Feast for November's theme! Since we can't exactly send you a whole turkey in your box, we put in plenty of flavors that reminds us of Thanksgiving and that are "in season."

Look forward to finding hearty flavors like sweet potato, ginger, roasted soy flour, strawberry and cheese in November's box. A drink that was heavily hyped and requested on our social media is also included. A fun DIY snack that involves one of the most famous and popular characters of all times in both Japan and abroad also makes an appearance in the November box! And of course, as with every month's box, we included a fun non-food item that features another world renowed character.

November's box comes with the booklet that contain fun contests and general information about what's going on in Japan this time of the year. For November's monthly contest, we're holding one that we think many of our subscribers will want to join in on. A  snack that's well-loved and included in the November box inspired next month's contest! The contest takes a bit of creativity and maybe even some time but you'll want to join just because it's fun and to win the cool Dragon Ball related prizes. Not to mention that all winners will get free TokyoTreat Premium subscription!

Fret not, even if you don't join the monthly contest, you might be the lucky winner of our LuckyTreat contest! If you don't know that that is, here's the deal. ALL subscribers are automatically entered for a chance to win the LuckyTreat ever month. One lucky winner will win a surprise gift box that contains 15+ items that we can't normally send in our monthly boxes. Items that you might find in the box include area limited/large-sized snacks, Japanese character toys and merchandise. Novemenber's LuckyTreat include goods from the likes of Studio Ghibli, Splatoon and Naruto.

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To ensure you get November's Flavorful Thanksgiving Feast box, make sure to subscribe by October 31st, 2017.  Don't miss this chance to enjoy the best of Japanese autumn!


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