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TokyoTreat | September 2017's Theme - Japanese Characters

06 August 2017 by Miki

Japanese Characters

A new month, a new theme!

For September, we're doing a theme that's been highly requested by many of our subscribers - Japanese Characters!

Japan is the home to anime and manga and as such, there is so much wealth to be shared! Japanese snack packages are known to be detailed and fun but how often do you see ones with your favorite characters?! We got lucky and were able to find tasty snacks with cute packages with Japanese character on them for the September box! It not only feels special but in reality, it actually usually is because snack manufactures only generally collaborate with characters for usually a limited time!

Next month, we'd like to introduce our subscribers to a number of Japanese characters new and old while delivering you tasty snacks! September's box not only boasts snacks with cute packaging but we've included few brand new snacks and snacks that come in limited edition flavors. We've also included a sweet wagashi that'll go perfectly with green tea. One of the snacks that takes center stage in the September is an DIY snack that'll test both your creativty and artistic skills.

The DIY snack is so much fun to make and also so grammable we wanted so somehow incorporate that into our monthly photo contest. The booklet includes basic directions on how to create the snack but beyond that, it's up to you to decide what to make with which color. Join in the contest to win free subscription of our most popular Premium box along with really cool themed-prizes.

Every month, subscribers can win cool prizes with our Lucky Treat contest in which they are automatically entered into. The prizes includes items like plushies, snacks and novelty goods! Many of the prizes can only be found in Japan for a limited time and in highly requested character designs! Are you feeling lucky this month?

We also included a mini-guide to where you can meet some of your favorite Japanese characters you dine and wine in Tokyo in September's booklet so don't forget to check that out!

To many, September is the beginning of the new season and new term for many people. Why not start anew with TokyoTreat's Japanese Characters box this September?

Signup for September's fun and tasty Japanese Characters box ends on August 31st, 2017!

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