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YumeTwins | September 2017's Theme - Fantasy Land

06 August 2017 by Fae6296396d38a8dfbae6424c37fac558b8b1275 mikis avatar Miki

Fantasy Land

 YumeTwins' September Theme - Fantasy Land!

For many, September is a time when everyone comes back from holidays and goes back to school or work. Everyone's still reeling and reminiscing about their summer holiday and wishing for one more day of freedom. With September's box, you'll be able to escape reality and float to Fantasy Land!

Every month, we include 5 super kawaii items that we think our subscribers love and can incorporate in their lives. This month, we think all the 5 items are super practical that you won't just want to use them daily but you won't ever want to be without them! They're super cute but they also invoke an air of dreaminess with their fantasy like charms. Expect to find popular Japanese characters like Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi, Cinnamoroll, and Totoro. We've also outdone ourselves again with the September box by including a ginormous plushie that is just sooooo squishy and comfy to hold!

The large plushie will also be used as a prop for the easy-peasy monthly  photo contest. Share your entry with us for a chance to win adorable, officially licensed merchandise along with free YumeTwins boxes. In addition to your photo contest, all subscribers are automatically entered into our fantastic monthly Yume Prize contest. We will send one lucky winner a box full of ridiculously adorable goodies including items from Sanrio, San-X and Sailor Moon!

Going back to our daily routine after a long holiday is never easy but ease you way back to reality with  help from our dreamy September box!

Signup for the fantastic Fantasy Land box ends on August 31st, 2017.

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