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YumeTwins | #YTSPIRIT Winners Announced

11 November 2018 by 9f682418f9b8a60135625ddcf44db2ab2eb983b5 willysons avatar Willyson

#YTSPIRIT Winners Announced!


We hope all is well with you.

Do you know what time is it? It's #YTSPIRIT contest winner announcement o'clock!

Based on entries that we received, we think you all had fun with the Spirited Away Origami set. Even one of you came up by creating Yoda from Star Wars with the origami set. There are a lot of entries that we received during the contest time. It's really wonderful to see how y'all always devote your time to join our contest. Now, let's give our biggest congratulations for the winners below!

Grand Prize Winner


Those are our 6 lucky winners for this month. Grats to the six of you and please hang tight until our team reaches you and explain how to claim the prizes. If you haven't won yet, don't fret, there are many more giveaway to come. Stay tuned and don't forget to join, okay? 💜

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