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December's box was a Christmas special! We included the cutest and fluffiest yet useful items we could find exclusively for you, to celebrate Christmas and holidays with!

Christmas Peanuts Plushie

Get into the holiday spirit with the world’s most famous Beagle and friends. These palm size plushies come with red ball chain so you can carry it around with you wherever you go! Which Christmas Peanuts character did you get?

Rilakkuma Hand Towel
Check out the cute towel with Rilakkuma design! Bigger than the handkerchief size we are used to putting in your box, this double-sided towel is super versatile and also super soft on your skin.

Neko Atsume Plushie Hat

Keep your head and ears warm with this super cute Neko Atsume Plushie Hat! 1 of 3 adorable cats can be found in your box. What did you get? Cream-san, Odd-san or Manzoku-san? All 3 cats promise to be as cuddly as they are cute!

Snoopy Pocket Mirror

These cute foldable mirrors are the perfect size to carry around. The cover will help keep the mirror clean and it can be folded back to make the mirror stand! Which of the 12 cute Snoopy designs did you get?

Christmas Bath Soak

Treat yourself to holiday goodness with this bath soak. In a cute Christmas packaging, this bath soak will wash away your stress with the sweet aroma and the beautiful Christmas red color.

The Return of Lum: Lum Invader Decorative Tape

Lum Invader is the cute protagonist from The Return of Lum, an iconic manga from the 80s. This month, we’ve got cute decorative tape with Lum design for you! Use it as to decorate your notebook or as a label or even your smartphone!

Mame Shiba Inu Smartphone Cleaner

Never have a dirty screen again with the adorable Mame Shiba Inu Smartphone Cleaner! The palm size plushie cleaner not only makes for a great accessory with its strap but they are just as practical as they are cute!

Amuse Kotoritai Kinchaku Pouch

These kinchaku pouch made by popular plushie maker Amuse, are made from soft plushie fabric that you will never want to be without! Use it to put in your makeup or phone charger or your jewelry. Which of the 5 cute bird characters did you get?

What was your favorite items from December's box?

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