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YumeTwins | November Items Revealed

05 December 2016 by Ratih

In November, we’ve curated a box full of kawaii breakfast related characters and items in addition to other kawaii goodies just for you!

Re-ment’s Sailor Moon Sweets Mascot

We know how much you guys love Re-ment’s surprise blind boxes. So this month, we went the extra mile to get you guys the much requested Sailor Moon Sweets Mascot. Which of the 6 cute and tasty looking sweets did you get?

Shinada Baby Nature Plushie

This month’s plushies are probably the biggest ones we’ve put in your box yet! Much like the plushies we put in the September box, these Shinada plushies are super fluffy and are begging to be hugged. You’ll find either Baby Alpaca, Baby Tiger, Baby Cat or Baby Baku in your box! Which plushie did you get in your box?

Sanrio Kirimichan Post-it

Are you familiar with Kirimichan?  Kirimichan is the cute sliced salmon character from Sanrio. Because breakfast is our theme this month, we thought Kirimichan post-it would be a perfect addition for this box since salmon and other fish are often eaten for breakfast in Japan.

Enogumasan 2-Way Marker

Whether you use it to label things or for art purposes, you can always find a use for a good marker. So why not carry one around that is as cute as it is useful? Enogumasan, a character from popular Japanese stationery maker Kamio is here to add a touch of cuteness to your pen case!

Sumikko Gurashi Sushi Rubber Keychain Charm

Although sushi is not exactly what is typically considered breakfast food, you can have sushi for breakfast at fish markets which are very popular with tourists and locals alike. Here, to share our love of sushi are the characters of Sumikko Gurashi in the form of rubber keychain charm.

Sanrio Gudetama Stickers

Everyone’s favorite Japanese egg character! There’s something very charming about these Gudetama that translates well with both people in Japan and abroad. Since eggs are universally thought of as breakfast food, Gudetama was a no-brainer choice for this month’s box! What do you plan to decorate with these stickers?

Rilakkuuma Tea Party Darjeeling Tea Bags

Start your day right with these adorable Rilakkuma tea bags! These fun tea bags are sure to bring a smile to even the most non-morning person’s face. Enjoy it with your favorite breakfast food to give you pep and brighten your morning.

Kawaii Mini-notepad

Because we think notepads are very useful, we love stocking your box with them. This month, we’ve filled your box with either Obento Mate or FuniFuni Marshmallow mini-notepad. These mini-notepads are small enough to carry around in your purse or your back pocket so you won’t ever have to worry about having nothing to write on.

Which one was your favorite from November’s box?

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