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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks Blog100 Awesome things to do in Tokyo! (part 1)

100 Awesome things to do in Tokyo! (part 1)

Jojo MorscheJojo Morsche
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August 07, 2018
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June 21, 2022

Are you visiting Tokyo for the first time but are you not sure what to do? Check out this blog post for some inspiration! Whether you like food, shopping, museums or sightseeing there's something for everyone!

1. Eat a delicious Japanese pancake at Eggs 'n Things!

2. Check out the world's busiest crossing in Shibuya!

3. Or visit Hachiko's statue: the world's most loyal dog!

4. For meat lovers: Try an indoor Japanese style BBQ for a reasonable price!

5. For those who prefer fish try Kaiten conveyer belt sushi!

6. And for those who love meat AND fish there's also meat sushi!

7. Don't forget to go to Asakusa, the most famous sightseeing spot where you can see traditional Japanese shrines and temples.

8. Or visit a less well known but equally beautiful traditional place in Tokyo: Shibamata!

9. Go shopping at Donki Hote, where you can find everything you ever needed!

10. Or go shopping at the crazy 'bookstore' Village Vanguard for crazy gadgets (and books?)

11. Visit the highest tower in Tokyo: Skytree!

12. Or visit its competitor: Tokyo Tower! Not as high as the skytree but older and the symbol of Tokyo.

13. Try Kushikatsu: everything fried! From meat to mushrooms but also oreo cookies and bananas.

14. Take crazy pictures with your friends in a purikura booth!

15. Show off your talents or just go crazy with your friends in your very own karaoke booth!

16. At Pasela resorts you can eat delicious Honey Toast WHILE singing karaoke!

17. Try Shabushabu or Hotpot! Most places are all you can eat for a lot of delicious meat and veggies!

18. Try to make your own Okonomiyaki or Japanese style omelette, yum!!

19. Find yourself the greatest gadgets and anime merchandise in Akihabara electronic town.

20. Feel like relaxing ? Pet an adorable cat at the fancy Cat cafe Moccha!

21. Another way to relax is to drink a cup of tea at Aoyama flower market cafe!

22. Visit Disneyland: the place where dreams come true!

23. Or visit Disney Sea! Popular in particular because you are allowed to drink alcohol.

24. Go crazy at the trendy shopping mall Shibuya 109! Famous for selling only Japanese brands.

25. Tired of shopping? visit Meiji Jingu or Meiji Shrine and enjoy the nature!

26. Visit Ueno zoo's cutest Panda for an amazing price!

27. Visit the fancy Christon Cafe to dine in a beautiful atmosphere.

28. Go shopping for beauty products at Tokyo's Koreatown Shin-Okubo

29. Try Japanese ramen noodle soup at Ichiran.

30. Or check out the cup noodle museum to find out how the craze started! Read our detailed blog post about it here.

31. Eat some delicious chicken skewers: Yakitori!

32. Check out a local festival! During summer there are many Obon festivals with people dancing, visiting shrines and eating delicious festival food. Read more about festival food in our blogpost.

33. Go a little outside Tokyo to visit the great Buddha of Kamakura: Daibutsu.

34. Go (window) shopping in Ginza, the posh area in Tokyo for expensive presents or something for yourself!

35. Check out the crazy electronics at Bic Camera.

36. Do some budget shopping at the affordable clothing stores Uniqlo and GU for comfortable basics.

37. Visit Odaiba to see this huge Gundam statue!

38. Relax at Yoyogi park. Go for a picnic with friends or watch people dancing, singing, acting and having fun!

39. Rent or buy a Yukata and take pictures for unforgettable Japanese memories.

40. Visit a Pachinko parlour and try the crazy gambling game!

41. Do you have a sweet tooth? Visit the conveyor belt Sweets cafe: Cafe Ron Ron. Read all about it in our blog post here.

42. Discover the history of Tokyo at the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

43. Go shopping at the huge shopping mall Lumine in Shinjuku for fashion, gifts and food!

44. Do you love anime? Then visiting Animate is a MUST for anything manga and anime!

45. Explore Tokyo's nightlife at a club in Roppongi or Shibuya!

46. Race through Tokyo with your friends dressed up as your favorite character from the game Mario Kart!

47. Try delicious Japanese Curry, available in mild, spicy and anything in between!

48. Visit the Vampire Cafe for a creepy atmosphere and great food!

49. Go shopping in the trendy Harajuku Takeshita Doori for kawaii fashion and accessories!

50. The Japanese shop Muji is known for its trendy modern designs, check it out!

We hope you enjoyed the first 50 things to do in Tokyo of our series of 100 things to do in Tokyo! We'll be back soon with part 2. Have you ever visited Tokyo and what did you enjoy most? What would you like to do in Tokyo? Let us know in the comments!

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