TokyoTreat | January 2017 New Year Goodies Revealed

01 February 2017 by Ratih

The theme for January's box is Happy New Year! We filled your TokyoTreat box with New Year Japanese snacks which are fun, tasty and unique to match the festive mood to welcome 2017!


Condensed Milk Choco Anpan

Anpan is a popular traditional Japanese pastry usually with sweet red bean paste filling. Instead of red bean paste, these bite-size anpans are filled with condensed milk to make for light but delicious treats.  

Black Thunder - Kinako Flavor

Kinako is roasted soy flour which is used as a flavoring for many traditional sweets in Japan. This time, we bring you a Kinako version of the popular Black Thunder chocolate which also has chunks of chocolate cookie and rice puffs in them.

Super Ottotto Savory Soy Sauce Flavor

Generally enjoyed by kids, these potato snacks has been supersized so adults can enjoy them too! These cute snacks come in all different shapes of sea creatures. Enjoy the savory soy sauce flavor that is sure to have you coming back for seconds!

Samurai Japan Chips

Enjoy this mini-bag of lightly salted chips with the Japanese national baseball team design. Each bag of chips contain a collectible Samurai Japan player card. Which baseball player card did you get?

Sour Plum Fortune Candy

This is like a candy Russian roulette! Each bag contains normal sour plum and super sour plum candies. Get one that’s not too sour and consider yourself lucky!

Pikachu Gummy

Enjoy juicy grape flavored gummies with this cute Pikachu snack. Each bag contains several different Pikachu shaped gummies and also may include gummies in the shape of Pikachu’s tail and foot. How many different Pikachus did you find?

Sakupan Choco Monaka

How adorable is this snack? It’s so cute, you might have second thoughts about eating it up! This panda shaped chocolate monaka is filled with a mix of super light vanilla cream and airy chocolate which compliments the light monaka perfectly!

Fizzy Soft Candy Stick - Orange & Lemon Flavor

One side of the this soft candy tastes like orange the other side tastes like lemon. The inside of the soft candy is filled with fizzy powder and once in your mouth, the combination of the different flavors taste like cola! It’s literally like a science experiment in your mouth!

Nakayoshi Neru Neru Muscat Grape & Strawberry Flavor

Did you know that Kracie’s Nakayoshi Neru Neru DIY kit has been around for 30 years? This time we bring you the Muscat Grape and Strawberry flavored Neru Neru that allows you to add 2 different toppings which have different textures and flavors to make them even more tasty!

Frog Family Gummy

This Frog Family Gummy comes in 3 different shapes and 2 different flavors. The frog egg shaped gummy and tadpole shaped gummy come in grape flavor and the frog shaped gummy in green apple flavor. Which do you like the best?

One Piece Chocolate Wafer

Always a popular choice, this One Piece snack has a tasty chocolate filling between two sheets of wafers to make for a simple but satisfying treat. To add to the fun, an One Piece character sticker is included in each snack.

Glico Cultured Butter Pretz

Pocky’s savory counterpart Pretz released a new mouth watering flavor that we wanted you to try! This Pretz uses an abundance of cultured butter in the dough to create a crunchy biscuit snack with a delicious premium butter aroma and flavor.

Pokemon Stick Candy

These Pokemon stick candies come in 2 flavors - soda and mixed orange. Eat them individually or eat them together for a fizzy orange soda experience!

Alfort Chocolate Biscuit - Red Bean Flavor

Alfort has added a new Red Bean flavor to their popular franchise of chocolate and digestive cookies that use red beans sourced from Hokkaido. Enjoy the unique combination of the delicate red beans flavor and buttery vanilla digestives with your favorite cup of tea for a full on east meets west snack.

Rich Taste Calpis Soda

Commonly known as Calpico in other countries, Calpis is a lactic acid yogurt drink that is loved by all generations in Japan. This time, they’ve released a limited edition Rich Taste Calpis Soda which boasts being thicker and creamier than the regular kind. Which do you prefer?  

Celebratory Art Mask

Treat yourself to a post holiday TLC with 1 of 3 fun and festive facial masks we’ve included in your box. Get a rooster mask and count yourself lucky because 2017 is the year of the rooster!  

Bonus Snack

Like how adults give New Year money to kids in Japan, this month, we’ve put in an extra treat in your box! We hope you enjoy the bonus snack!

What was your favorite snack from this New Year themed box?

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