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Check Out These 5 Japanese Food-Art Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Selly JuniartiSelly Juniarti
Published Time
Posted on May 23, 2019

Do you know that kawaii food or Japanese food art is really popular right now? Japanese food with creative and unique looks make the food tastier and prettier (also, totally instagramable!). If you're looking for kawaii and instagram-worthy food that can trigger your hunger, read on to find out which Japanese food art Instagram account you should follow ^_^

1. @bentomonsters

Managed by a Mom with 2 boys, this account constantly inspires us to prepare cute lunches. There are so many different Japanese food arts on her feed, mostly kawaii bento combinations and desserts. The look is clean and fresh with a simple white background, she draws our eyes to the colourful and delish looking food in Mom hands.

2. @nzngram

This is one of our favourite Japanese food art Instagram accounts by far! @nznfram's feed is full of different onigiri combining various foods to make unique faces. If you feel bored with the same old onigiri, just check this account! The funny thing is, all the eyes are always the same… not that we're complaining!

3. @littlemissbento

On this account you'll find so many kawaii bento with soft, pastel colour themes. Other than that, you'll probably feel the need to consume a little more sugar after seeing the creative ways she's decorated the featured dessert! It will make you rush straight out to find some dessert cafes >.< Go check her account and look out for the gudetama waffles!

4. @theonigiriart

Are you a big fan of Sushi? Then you guys should definitely check out this account next! He is seriously creative. How he decorated simple plain Sushi into “A Hypebeast Sushi” was amazing! We're drooling at the thought of just eating one of them. Kanye-sushi will be amazing! LOL

5. @kokoronotane

Here's something a little bit different. @kokoronotane shows us Japanese food art by presenting a full table of delicious food. They don't just decorate one piece of food/dish but they decorate the whole table with wholesome and realistic Japanese food and drinks. It’s made all the more special because you can truly feel that you're sitting down to a real Japanese style home made meal.

So, have you checked all of those accounts yet? If you’re not living in Japan but still want to enjoy some taste of authentic Japanese snacks, you can subscribe TokyoTreat and we will bring the taste of Japan right to your door 😉

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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

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