5 Amazing Places To Visit Outside Of Tokyo

20 August 2018 by Marie

Visiting Japan and wondering where exactly you should go? You may have read our blog on 100 things to do in Tokyo and anime museums, but if you have the opportunity you should venture outside of the big well known cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka! Japan is full of beautiful places just off the beaten track which are brimming with beautiful scenery and delicious Japanese snacks!

Hakone - Hakone is a town known for its breathtaking views of Mount Fuji and its hot springs! There's so many things to do in Hakone you could easily spend more than a day there. There's lots of interesting art at the Hakone Open Air Museum, or you can visit Hakone shrine with its famous red torii gate that has views over Lake Ashi. You can also take a boat ride around Lake Ashi and visit the geothermal sulfur springs of Owakudani.

Kamakura - Kamakura is a seaside town just south of Tokyo. It's most well known for its large Buddha statue at Kotokuin Temple, but it has gorgeous beaches too and many delicious seaside Japanese snacks. During rainy season in June, Meigetsuin Temple is known for its beautiful abundance of hydrangeas and many flock to see them.

Shirakawa-go - Shirakawa-go in Gifu prefecture is a world heritage sight, famous for its traditional style Japanese houses built in gasshou-zukuri fashion. It's well worth taking a day trip to visit!

Eiheiji - Eiheiji Temple is located in Fukui Prefecture and is one of the two main temples of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism, which is one of the largest religious denominations in Japan. The site itself is stunning, being in a dense wooded area and having almost everything shrouded in thick moss, it's truly beautiful.

Nara - Nara at one point was the capital of Japan and is a city full of cultural significance! It's most famous for Todaiji temple which houses the biggest bronze Buddha statue in the world. Todaiji is located in Nara Park which is full of friendly deer who will take special deer crackers straight from your hand! Nara also holds the 1300 years old Shinto Shrine Kasuga-taisha.

Psst! You should also read our blog on 10 Japanese verbs to prepare for your trip! What did you think of these locations? Are they worth a visit! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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