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A psychedelic scene at TeamLab Planets, one of many places where you can enjoy April events.
A psychedelic scene at TeamLab Planets, one of many places where you can enjoy April events.

April Events in Tokyo: The Best Five!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
Published Time
Posted on March 24, 2023
Modified Time
Updated last March 30, 2023

April events in Tokyo are some of the best this season! This month is a lot of fun since Tokyo comes alive around this time of the year! This month has many unique events and tourism attractions, including the breathtaking cherry blossoms we have all anticipated! 

Take advantage of the seasonal celebrations only available at this time of year. Keep reading as we will take you through the best April events in Tokyo that you won’t want to miss!

April Events: Asakusa Yabusame

This event is your chance to watch yabusame in Asakusa, a kind of Japanese martial art of horse-mounted archery. It’s a ceremony where archers dressed in the hunting outfit of medieval warriors shoot at three targets as they race by on horseback. All in all, it’s a unique, impressive event because hitting a target from a moving horse is tricky!

An actor riding a horse at the Asakusa Yabusame festival.
The Asakusa Yabusame Festival features horseback archery! Image via Ambassadors Japan

The Asakusa Yabusame event takes place in Sumida Park every April on a unique course about 300 meters long and 2 meters wide and covered in white sand, over which specially trained horses run. We recommend you arrive a lot earlier before the performance to secure a good spot because it is a top-rated and crowded event.

Wanwan Puppy Carnival

The Wanwan Carnival is a celebration of all things dog. This fun event includes dog clothes, dog grooming, professional photographers, performing dogs, dog quizzes, dancing, famous dogs, obedience, agility, and speed-eating contests.

Puppies walking at the Wanwan Puppy Carnival, one of many April events in Tokyo.
“Wanwan” is “woof woof” in Japanese! Image via TimeOut

Bring your pet along to sign up for a free photo shoot, eating contest, health check, or even to enjoy a meal at one of the ten Japanese festival food stands serving both human and canine-friendly food. Even if you’re more of a cat person, this little outing should still make for a productive (or at least enjoyable) afternoon. 

Tokyo Romantic Flea Market 

In the heart of Tokyo, in the lovely park of Shibuya Garden Tower, you’ll find the Tokyo Romantic Flea Market. Also, there are about 100 shops there that you will love exploring. You are guaranteed to find handicrafts, accessories, fine art, organic foods, and plants. 

Outside of the Tokyo Romantic Flea Market.
This flea market is trendy in April! Image via Time Out

It takes place on the second Sunday of every month of every year. You can find various vintage pieces here from Japan and worldwide. Since the vendors change every month, there is always something new to see.

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Nezu Shrine Azalea Festival

A bunch of azaleas at the Nezu Shrine, one of many April events in Tokyo.
Bunkyo’s Nezu Shrine has beautiful azaleas! Image via Shutterstock

This festival is in a great area, perfect for getting that insta-worthy shot. A garden of shades of pink and purple uses 3,000 azaleas of 100 different species. Taking photographs with these beautiful flowers is a lot of fun. You can also sample Japanese sweets in the temple grounds cafe near the pond.

Nakisumo Festival

Two sumo wrestlers face off in the ring while holding a baby in their arms during an event called nakizumo. The purpose of this unusual festival is to bless the baby because “naku ko wa sodatsu” (crying babies grow) means that crying infants will grow up to be strong and healthy. 

Sumo wrestlers standing outside at Asakusa Shrine, holding a baby at the Nakisumo festival, one of many April events in Tokyo.
Sumo wrestlers make babies cry for good luck! image via Wikicommons

The baby who starts crying first will win the round. But it’s the other way around in some parts of Japan. The one crying the most wins if both people are crying simultaneously. It is customary to pray for the health and development of the babies at this festival.

April Events: Ichiyo Sakura Festival

This Asakusa festival is trendy for a reason. You can enjoy the yaezakura (a cherry blossom that blooms later). The festival also recreates the processions held back in the Edo period.

The parade displays oiran (highest-ranking courtesans) walking with a large, elaborate escort while fully dressed. This festival is as authentic as it gets in the twenty-first century, even though it’s not entirely on the same level as Edo. 

A parade of oirans at the Ichiyo Sakura Festival.
The Ichiyo Sakura Festival features a parade of oiran. Image by Asakusa JP

Apart from the oiran parade, you can enjoy a parade of primary school children and a flea market. There are also many delicious food stands and refreshment booths. 

Tokyo in April is one of the best times to visit since the sakura trees (cherry blossoms) are in full bloom. The background of your photos will look amazing with these charming light pink flowers.

With the warm weather, other flowers begin to bloom as well, and the parks begin to fill with a range of beautiful colors. Since it’s not cold anymore, spending hours exploring and touring Tokyo is more manageable; the sun’s warmth will make your trip even more fun!

Which April events do you look forward to most? Have you been to any of the events we mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below!

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