Take a bath in ramen broth, sake, wine or coffee at Yunessun spa resort!

08 September 2018 by Jojo

Hakone is a place only 1.5 hours away from Tokyo, yet it has a very different atmosphere. While Tokyo is famous for the city lights, exciting shopping districts and night life Hakone is a place that people go to to escape the city life. It's a popular destination for both Japanese and international tourists who want to experience the nature and the famous onsen or Japanese hot springs! Most of these hot springs are traditional Japanese bath places but the Yunnesun spa resort is something completely different! So hop on the Pokemon train and visit Hakone if you have a chance!

Would you like to bathe in ramen broth? At Yunnesun spa resort they offer the craziest baths! The bath shaped like a bowl of ramen allows groups of people to bathe in actual ramen pork broth. The spa claims that taking this bath has benefits for your health. The collagen in the pork should beautify your skin and boost your metabolism. Do you believe it? Whether you do or not it's still an interesting experience right?

The spa also offers other crazy baths, what do you think of this wine bath?

A wine bath is supposed to be good for your skin and rejuvenate powers. But most people would agree that the most fun part about it is bathing and getting drunk with your friends at the same time!

Another popular bath is this coffee bath! It was actually the first coffee bath to be installed in Japan. It's supposed to help you relax, have positive effects on your skin and help you recover from tiredness!

Another beverage bath is the green tea bath. Japanese people have always loved drinking green tea for both the taste and health benefits. Now you can also bathe in it and it's supposed to have positive effects on your skin and improve your blood circulation.

The sake bath is a mix of mostly water and some drops of sake, just like the green tea bath it should help improve your blood circulation. In addition the sake makes the bath smell nice!

In addition to these crazy baths Spa Yunnesun has a lot more to offer: A terrace bath, a fish bath, Rodeo mountain water slide, a sauna and more! If this has sparked your interest, check out their website!

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Which of these crazy baths would you like to try? Do you believe in the positive effects that these baths are promised to have or is it just for fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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