Top 5 Best Izakaya Foods You Have To Try!

21 June 2019 by Sabrina

Do you want to eat more like a local in Japan? Drinking in an Izakaya after work perhaps? Sounds pretty good, right?! Oh, but do you know about Izakaya? Izakayas are a Japanese style pub. Although it’s called a pub it isn’t much like those you might know in your own country, it’s a lot more focused on an equal mix of both food and drink. It’s nice and relaxing to chat with friends or colleagues, drinking together and eating some delicious izakaya’s food that you will love! So, here’s our top 5 foods that you should try in an Izakaya!

1. Tamagoyaki

Have you ever had eggs that are slightly sweet and melt in your mouth good? If not then it sounds like you seriously have to try Tamagoyaki! Tamagoyaki is a dish where the egg is rolled over and over, cooked a little at a time, creating several layers of moist egg. Why not give it a try? We’re pretty sure you’ll immediately want to learn how to make this dish for yourself!

2. Yakitori

Yakitori usually means grilled chicken skewers, although you can also find other kinds of meat if that’s more your thing. Because of the simplicity of the dish, some of the best yakitori can be found in an Izakaya. Yakitori is usually served with a flavorful soy and rice wine dipping sauce called tare. That’s what makes Yakitori so delicious. In all honesty, they’re so delicious you might just stop by to eat a few sticks by yourself!

3. Edamame

This entry might be something that you might end up trying even if you don’t order it yourself! Edamame are steamed young soybeans and are typically served with sea-salt. They are also usually served automatically as an entree for customers while they choose their order. Pro tip though, even though you didn’t order them, you’ll still be paying for them! (⋟﹏⋞) Edamame is considered a magic food for Izakaya as they encourage customers to drink more because of the salt content and morish taste. Edamame aren’t particularly filling either, and Edamame are the best companion for drinking beer at Izakaya!

4. Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu is one of the most popular appetizers at an Izakaya. Agedashi tofu is crispy deep fried tofu served in flavorful tsuyu sauce with grated radish, green onion, and bonito flakes sprinkled on top. It’s also one of the most Japanese flavoured items you could possibly try if that’s one of your aims! So which do you think you’ll savour the most? The crispy texture on the outside, or enjoy the soft texture on the inside. Isn’t it mouth-watering?

5. Karaage

Karaage is not only popular but is a well known and perfect accompaniment for alcohol.  Karaage is almost always on the menu at izakaya restaurants! Karaage is a classic dish; deep-fried chicken that is seasoned lightly with soy sauce before deep frying. Giving the juicy, bite-size nuggets a lighter, crispier and less greasy texture. Hungry yet? You may want to just eat them all by yourself.

So, here’s our top 5 list of best Japanese Izakaya food that you should try. These mouth-watering dishes will make you even hungrier. Why don’t you find some Izakaya near your home, and order these dishes? You won’t regret it!

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